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The revelation has called into question Musk's reputation as a critic of Trump. [Read More]
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Allowing faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against same-sex and non-Christian couples could have a detrimental effect on adoption rates. [Read More]
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The collection, 10 years in the making, shines a light on daily life in Amsterdam throughout history. [Read More]
"Not everyone is Cambridge Analytica. [Facebook data] can be used for social good." [Read More]
Rod Rosenstein announced the new charges Friday, ahead of Trump's high-profile meeting with Putin. [Read More]
Of the first group of children the government was responsible for, 46 were "acknowledged by the court to be ineligible for reunification." [Read More]
Trump spewed white nationalist rhetoric in his interview with Rupert Murdoch's British news outlet the 'Sun,' saying Britain is "losing its culture" thanks to immigration. [Read More]
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