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Headaches, nausea and hearing loss felt by US diplomats in Cuba might be the result of a beam of pulsed microwaves in which the microwaves are heard as sound... [Read More]
The Hutovo Blato wetland in Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered its latest severe fire in October, and if the blazes continue the resident Dalmatian pelicans will struggle to survive... [Read More]
Respected medical journal the BMJ has a long history of publishing silly papers at Christmas, but the joke is wearing thin - and actually harming science... [Read More]
The US space programme has a new focus on an old destination. President Trump has directed NASA to focus its efforts on crewed missions to the moon before Mars... [Read More]
An immune response in some pregnant women's bodies may explain the "fraternal birth order effect" — that men are more likely to be gay the more older brothers they have... [Read More]
While buzzing between flowers, bees can solve the maths dilemma called the travelling salesman problem by finding the shortest route that visits every blossom... [Read More]
The planet's livestock industry is degrading land, boosting the greenhouse effect, polluting water resources and destroying biodiversity, says the UN... [Read More]
Over 3 billion years ago, the sun was faint so our planet should have been a snowball. But it wasn't — and microorganisms may have been what kept it warm... [Read More]
As new politics of protecting natural resources emerges, what does that mean for water? And who writes the rules? Three new books explore... [Read More]
The USSR once believed it could catch up with or even overtake the US. If it had listened to one of its brightest mathematical stars, that might have been true... [Read More]
Some people who fast regularly, like those following the 5:2 diet, feel mentally sharper. Now evidence in mice may explain how fasting boosts brainpower... [Read More]
The world's first full-scale power plant carbon capture project has stumbled, but we can't let that risk the future of a technology we need, says Olive Heffernan... [Read More]
When people see a big spider they often post a photo on Facebook — and those images have now revealed up to 30 new species... [Read More]
Our first detailed glimpse at 'Oumuamua, the interstellar asteroid that recently flew by Earth, shows it's one of the weirdest asteroids we've ever seen... [Read More]
Compiled by Richard Smyth... [Read More]
The gravitational wave event from August still has surprises in store. Its light is three times brighter now, which may change how we think of gamma ray bursts... [Read More]
The record books say that the ocean sunfish is the heaviest bony fish alive, but in fact the specimen in question belongs to a different species... [Read More]
'Oumuamua, an oddly shaped asteroid from beyond our solar system, recently passed by. It may have formed when a planet was ripped into fragments by its star... [Read More]
The media-mogul's Santa Monica vineyard was saved from wildfire destruction, but the world may yet burn thanks to his climate views, says Richard Schiffman... [Read More]
Many of Africa's savannahs are emptying of wildlife as cattle fences kill its charismatic fauna. But we are finding ways to save them... [Read More]