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When people are advised to live more healthily, they usually give up quickly. Now a study suggests that genetic data can persuade people to make lasting changes... [Read More]
An accordion-shaped nanomaterial is the key ingredient in a sticky, self-healing gel that might one day drive help people with paralysis to communicate... [Read More]
A landmark study that touted the benefits of the Mediterranean diet has been retracted, but eating more fresh fish and veg is still good for you, if you can afford it... [Read More]
Few living things can cope with temperatures above 100°C, but a controversial study suggests some bacterial spores can withstand 420°C heat for over 30 minutes... [Read More]
Negative stereotypes can detrimentally change your behaviour. But a study suggests that feminists may be protected from the idea that women are worse at maths... [Read More]
A Fairey Swordfish, a type of second world war bomber, was found off the coast of Malta using autonomous underwater robots that search the sea floor... [Read More]
An AI could identify signs of Parkinson's from brain scans alone. One day it could be used to spot the disease before physical symptoms show... [Read More]
A neural network has taught itself to 'imagine' a scene from different viewpoints, including how shadows move and textures vary, based on just a single image... [Read More]
Dozens of species all around the world are abandoning the day and becoming more active at night, to avoid contact with humans... [Read More]
We've finally solved the mystery of how even fairly big spiders can take to the skies, and it turns out it's because they make flying machines that can barely be seen with the naked eye... [Read More]
We've gotten one of our best looks yet at a star being devoured by a black hole, thanks to astronomers who watched a decade-long meal... [Read More]
Foods that are high in both carbohydrates and fats super-charge the activity in our brain's reward centre, explaining why we find them so appealing... [Read More]
After months of public outcry and legal wrangling, a US law about how internet access can be sold has been repealed... [Read More]
Fake videos created by AI are often so good it's hard to tell if they are real or not, so a new fakery fighting tool tracks eyes to identify the real deal... [Read More]
Regular explosives risk spilling chemical or biological weapons when aimed at storage sites. So the US is experimenting with using massive X-ray bursts instead... [Read More]
Tiny magnetic beads can be stirred through wine to capture unwanted chemicals, then pulled out with a magnet to improve the flavour... [Read More]
From cyberpunk and hypnotic patterns to warfare in ancient Greece, here's the highlights from the latest crop of video games released at this year's E3... [Read More]
We've seen antineutrinos morphing from one 'flavour' to another, and it could help us figure out why the universe is full of normal matter and not antimatter... [Read More]
There are many assumptions underlying our ideas about why someone becomes a terrorist. The evidence does not always back them up... [Read More]
Conveying the quantum world is the ultimate challenge for artist duo Semiconductor, who turn the most abstruse scientific observations into captivating sensory experiences... [Read More]