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Ruth Clark of Midland has been trying to perfect the cake recipe that goes along with her late grandmother's aluminum lamb mold for some 17 years. This year she nailed it. Not only did she find a recipe that matched the taste and texture of the treat she remembers eating as a child, she learned several tips on how to prepare the mold nearly guaranteeing a perfect lamb cake each time. And, as is her tradition, Clark will be serving her lamb cake today to her family members for their Easter celebration. Her grandmother passed away when Clark was... [Read More]
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The perfect recipe for all those leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs! Decapo's chef Trese Biggerstaff shares his delicious egg salad sandwich secrets. [Read More]
A perfect Easter brunch is not complete without the delectable transformation of regular hard-boiled eggs into bite-sized deviled eggs. While there are a number of variations available for your perfect eggs, here are some easy ways to enjoy them this Easter. The basics of deviled eggs are simple. Hard-boil the eggs, take out the egg yolks, combine the yolk with your choice of spices and put the mixture back in the egg whites. For easy recipes to enjoy, read below: The classic deviled eggs... [Read More]
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Stuffing a butterflied tenderloin with shallots, herbs and capers keeps the dryness-prone meat juicy and giving. [Read More]
Don't let the fancy name fool you, roesti (ROOSH-tee or RAW-stee) potatoes are simply hash browns or latkes by another name. The Swiss consider it their national dish, but it …... [Read More]
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This simple corned beef hash get a rich assist from a perfectly fried egg. [Read More]
"Our Benedict bowl is as decadent as the traditional recipe, with far less guilt," Nick Korbee writes in "Egg Shop: The Cookbook" (2017, William Morrow, $35). [Read More]
Seattle chef Edouardo Jordan combines cabbage leaves, shaved carrots and tangy fiore sardo cheese in this easy spring salad. He amps up the creamy ranch dressing with flavorful anchovies and fresh herbs. [Read More]