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WASHINGTON: The United States imposed sanctions on Thursday on two Chinese shipping companies it says helped North Korea evade sanctions over its nuclear weapons program, the first such steps since a... [Read More]
The U.S. government has named a Russian ship on a list of vessels suspected of providing fuel to Pyongyang, a month after Reuters reported the same ship violated sanctions by carrying out a clandestine transfer to a North Korean tanker. [Read More]
The office was established last year as a way to help the two countries communicate directly with each other instead of via phone or fax. [Read More]
North Korea on Friday pulled out of a liaison office with the South, in a major setback for Seoul, just hours after the United States imposed the first new sanctions on the North since the second U.S.-North Korea summit broke down last month. [Read More]
The office was set up last year to improve relations between the Koreas, but the withdrawal is a setback for reconciliation efforts... [Read More]
WASHINGTON—The Trump administration on March 21 sanctioned two Chinese shipping companies suspected of helping North Korea evade sanctions—the first targeted actions taken against Pyongyang since its nuclear negotiations with the United States in Hanoi last month ended without agreement. "The maritime industry must do more to stop North Korea's illicit shipping practices," Trump's national security... [Read More]
The South Korean statement calls the North's decision "regrettable" [Read More]
The North's withdrawal from a key office to improve relations with South Korea was abrupt, and will likely strain ties between the neighboring countries. [Read More]
North Korea abruptly pulled out of a liaison office set up to improve inter-Korean relations, South Korea said on Friday. The joint office was established last September to improve relations and allow regular communication between the rivals. Pyongyang's withdrawal comes shortly after US-North Korean talks collapsed in February, and the US imposed new sanctions on Chinese companies that allegedly helped the North evade sanctions. Analysts say North Korea withdrew from the office because South Korea did not show enough influence as a mediator between Pyongyang and Washington. North Korea abruptly withdrew from a liaison office that allowed... [Read More]
China considers the US decision to impose sanctions on two of its companies for allegedly violating North Korea sanctions unlawful and a step in the wrong direction in terms of Beijing-Washington cooperation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Friday. [Read More]
North Korea on Friday withdrew from a liaison office in South Korea in response to the first U.S. sanctions levied against Pyongyang since a second nuclear summit broke down last month."The North's side pulled out... [Read More]
The Trump administration on Thursday sanctioned two Chinese shipping companies suspected of helping North Korea evade sanctions... [Read More]
Beijing on Friday said it will investigate charges against two Chinese firms the U.S. Treasury sa... [Read More]
Washington is tightening the pressure on North Korea by making an example of two Chinese shipping companies that helped Pyongyang evade international sanctions. [Read More]
North Korean has withdrawn its liaison office with South Korea. The North notified the South of the abrupt move Friday at the two Koreas' weekly meeting at their joint offices in the Northern cit... [Read More]
The development is likely to put a damper on ties between the countries and further complicate global diplomacy on North Korea's nuclear program. [Read More]
North Korea has withdrawn from a liaison office it shared with the South near the demilitarized zone since September, an abrupt diplomatic pullback following... [Read More]
The U.S. Treasury Department said two Chinese shipping companies helped the country evade sanctions over its nuclear weapons progarm... [Read More]
North Korea has pulled out of a recently established liaison office with South Korea, in the latest sign that diplomatic engagement with Pyongyang is collapsing following the failed summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.South Korea's president Moon Jae-in called an emergency meeting of his Nat... [Read More]
North Korea notified the South during a meeting Friday morning that it was pulling out of a liaison office that opened in September to provide a venue to discuss cooperation between the two Koreas. [Read More]