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NASA has moved a step closer in resuming human space missions since the program was shuttered in 2011. CBS News' Marc Liverman reports from Huntsville,... [Read More]
NASAs Mars 2020 rover is now being tested on the lava fields of Iceland as it gets closer to the mission. The Mars 2020 rover... [Read More]
Small satellites can be used for all sorts of purposes, and NASA has been searching for ideas to push ahead the capabilities of the hardware.... [Read More]
A woman with a PhD in planetary science who previously interned at Nasa has gone viral after sharing her response to an online dating match... [Read More]
THE figures are already mind blowing – Asteroid Bennu is travelling at 31,317mph, it is 190,000 miles out in space, but NASA has managed to... [Read More]
A BILLION dollar NASA space probe has reached a massive asteroid called Bennu – but astonishing new pictures taken from just above the surface have... [Read More]
NASA'S Hubble Space Telescope snapped this beautiful image of the galaxy Messier 90 – a spiralling star cluster headed directly towards our Milky Way. [Read More]
Arctic wildfires are becoming more frequent, and NASA is trying to find out how that will impact the surrounding population and the globe. [Read More]
DARPA is holding a competition for robots from around the world to compete in underground exploration. [Read More]
"There is no shortage of opportunity for the folks in this room," Jim Bridenstine told students during the visit to Arab High School. [Read More]
A NASA satellite scanning the Sun for space weather forecasts filmed the moment a glowing comet plunged into the burning ball of gas. [Read More]
'God of Chaos' asteroid set to hurtle close to the earth as NASA prepares... [Read More]
A SPECTACULAR dashcam video captured the moment a meteorite lit up the sky as it crash-landed on Earth. [Read More]
A SURPRISE asteroid strike could destroy "several nations or the entire planet" unless world leaders unite and take action according to a former Presidential advisor... [Read More]
NASA has chosen Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama to lead its next moon mission, rather than Johnson Space Center in Texas. [Read More]
A SCIENTIST has offered a dire warning over asteroids capable of destroying a whole city, claiming they 'will slip through" NASA's current technology capabilities. [Read More]
"Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday evening 'Nuke Mars.' A few hours later he followed it up with 'T-shirt soon'," writes Business Insider. BGR... [Read More]
Russian space officials confirm that they will be sending a humanoid robot to the International Space Station next week. [Read More]
The facility that developed the rocket for the Apollo program in the 1960's is due to play a key role in sending astronauts to the... [Read More]
Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is a native of Alabama's Rocket City and now the one in charge of getting astronauts to the lunar surface. [Read More]