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Boulder-based Ball Aerospace will play a role in building NASA's next-generation space telescope. The company has been awarded a contract worth about $113. [Read More]
Elon Musk owes this guy a camera. [Read More]
Jim Bridenstine, the Oklahoma congressman Trump has nominated to run NASA, lays out a mainstream agenda for the space program in an effort to build... [Read More]
  NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine sparred with Sen. Brian Schatz during his confirmation hearing last fall over whether human activity was a contributor to or the primary... [Read More]
On May 11th, SpaceX launched the inaugural mission of its powerful new Falcon 9 rocket, called the Block 5 — the same vehicle the company... [Read More]
Scientists now think there could be microscopic life floating in the clouds of Venus. Their theory is surprising, considering how inhospitable the surface of Venus... [Read More]
NASA has awarded Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation a $113.2 million contract to help build a next-generation space telescope.        ... [Read More]
If humanity hopes to make it to Mars anytime soon, we need to understand not just technology, but the psychological dynamic of a small group... [Read More]
Jim Bridenstine, the Trump administration's newly installed National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) head, said on Wednesday that he now believes human activity is the... [Read More]
The hearts of small galaxies may hide a mysterious kind of black hole that has long proved elusive: medium-size black holes with masses between the... [Read More]
Curiosity's drill is working again. The Mars rover successfully collected a rock sample for the first time since 2016. [Read More]
Deep in the sun's core, buried under hundreds of thousands of miles of twisting and convecting hydrogen and helium, a nuclear fire rages. [Read More]
The drill malfunctioned in December 2016. [Read More]
After a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off on Tuesday, a photographer's camera apparently couldn't take the heat.        ... [Read More]
You're cool. You'll go far to explore interesting notions. But you probably wouldn't take cool-hunting quite as far as NASA—which is creating an ultra-chilly laboratory…... [Read More]
and likely some goodies, too... [Read More]
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity bored 2 inches (5 centimeters) into a rock on Sunday (May 20), grabbing powdered samples for the first time since October... [Read More]
Pluto may have long ago coalesced from 1 billion or so comets, a new analysis of data from NASA's New Horizons mission and the European... [Read More]
A new policy President Trump will sign May 24 will implement a series of regulatory reforms to support commercial space recommended by the National Space... [Read More]
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