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At issue is a state law that shifted operational control of poor-performing districts from locally elected boards to unelected CEOs appointed by the state. [Read More]
Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy receives the Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. [Read More]
G Mohiuddin Jeddyhtmetro@hindustantimes.comPanvel The Supreme Court on Monday stayed the order of 50% water cut to Taloja MIDC industries. The water cut was imposed for over... [Read More]
The Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments in a case that challenges a state law allowing the takeover of poor-performing school districts. [Read More]
DoT says AGR should include dividends, handset sales, rent and profit from the sale of scrap, apart from revenue from services. Telcos counter that AGR... [Read More]
The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled the sentences of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of criminal defendants serving time in Colorado prisons, some for violent... [Read More]
Montana's state Supreme Court delivered a defeat to gun control activists Tuesday, striking down Missoula's "universal background check" ordinance. [Read More]
The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled the sentences of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of criminal defendants serving time in Colorado prisons are illegal. [Read More]
A challenge to how Illinois treats other states' concealed carry permits has now been sent to the U.S. Supreme Court for appeal. [Read More]
Arguments that could determine whether a man accused of two murders in the Gardnerville Ranchos in January should have been indicted by the Washoe County... [Read More]
He was suspended a year for dishonesty... [Read More]
Which brings us to a case involving protection for transgender people against discrimination. [Read More]
A group hoping to regain local control of the Youngstown City School District boarded a bus to Montpelier, Ohio early Wednesday where the Ohio Supreme... [Read More]
While Kagan's talk was largely humorous and light-hearted, she touched on more challenging aspects of the job. Kagan said she chooses to dissent when fundamental... [Read More]
The Montana Supreme Court Tuesday struck down a city's attempt to perform background checks on people purchasing or transferring guns within its city limits. [Read More]
New Supreme Court president Salaiket Watanaphan plans to better protect the basic rights of defendants by relaxing the criteria for their temporary release, including considering... [Read More]
Netanyahu stresses that top court, whose powers he's sought to curb, must stay independent; president, current chief justice also eulogize revered justice... [Read More]
The high court sided with Montana Attorney General Tim Fox who voided the City Council's ordinance in 2017. [Read More]
The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to stay the city of Baltimore's lawsuit against a group of oil companies it accuses of... [Read More]
A State Supreme Court justice spent the day visiting with students at Morgantown High School. As a part of the high court's speaking program, Justice... [Read More]