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More than 23 years after an 8-year-old girl was kidnapped near the Hillsborough elementary school she attended, a Southern California man found guilty for plotting... [Read More]
The Williamson County Sheriff's Office has joined the FBI's national child abduction response team. [Read More]
Doors: 8 Show: 9... [Read More]
A Stafford County woman testified Friday that she was about to leave her home on May 23, 2017, when an incident took place that still... [Read More]
The Bloomfield Police Department has received a report of an attempted abduction. BPD issued a notice that a 22-year-old female reported an older white male... [Read More]
The La Salle County Sheriff's Office said it appears there was no attempted child abduction Monday night in Somonauk as was reported Thursday on the... [Read More]
No charges will be filed against a delivery driver after an 11-year-old girl claimed he tried to abd... [Read More]
An alleged abduction attempt of a woman leads a local school district to go on lockdown. According to Bloomfield Police, a woman reports that an... [Read More]
A young teenager told officers she was walking home from school when a man got out of a parked pickup truck and attempted to physically... [Read More]
Paulding sheriff's detectives do not plan to press charges against a delivery driver after finding an 11-year-old girl mistook the man's phone conversation for threatening... [Read More]
Police say a man accused of allegedly trying to abduct a young girl in Paulding County will not face charges. [Read More]
The Paulding County Sheriff's Office said they had located the man in question and he had been "extremely cooperative." [Read More]
A Chambersburg man has been charged with felony kidnapping and burglary after police say abducted his 7-year-old daughter and her mother from a home in... [Read More]
Casandra Oglesby was arrested for allegedly faking her own abduction. [Read More]
Paulding County Sheriff's Office released more images Thursday, Aug. 22, of a van suspected of carrying a man who reportedly attempted to abduct an 11-year-old... [Read More]
Colin MacDonald, 59, was attacked at his home in Airdrie and later dumped in a nearby village. [Read More]
Satirist Samantha Kureya seized at home, stripped and forced to drink sewage... [Read More]
Police Chief Erik Demetropoulos believes his department has found the SUV driven by a man who allegedly tried to abduct a young woman on River... [Read More]
The Paulding County Sheriff's Office have released images of a white work van they believe the man was driving.        ... [Read More]
The girl was in the area of 330 School Rd. in Dallas, which authorities described as a rural part of northern Paulding County within the... [Read More]