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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced Monday it will print thousands of copies of a brochure on surviving an active shooter situation and distribute... [Read More]
Police warn of an active shooter in the area of Main Street, telling residents to stay locked inside. A shooting suspect is s... [Read More]
Authorities are searching for a man who allegedly shot a woman Monday in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Massachusetts State Police, local police and a SWAT team... [Read More]
Marshfield Police are reporting an active shooter on Main Street by ABC Equipment.Reports on the police scanner indicated witnesses may have seen the suspect run... [Read More]
Teachers are learning a new way to react to an active shooter attack. While Albuquerque Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Scott Elder offered assurances Monday... [Read More]
Police are asking people to stay inside and lock doors. [Read More]
Campus Safety found that security officer at The View pulled the fire alarm during a false reported active shooter situation. [Read More]
Police are warning of an active shooter near an equipment company in Marshfield, Mass. [Read More]
The Marshfield Police Department is reporting that there is an active shooter on Main Street. [Read More]
Kai Porter September 24, 2018 06:04 PM ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Albuquerque Public Schools and law enforcement are taking a new approach to training... [Read More]
Albuquerque Public Schools is changing the way it trains students and school staff to deal with an active shooter. The district said students and teachers... [Read More]
Police in Marshfield have issued an alert for an active shooter on Main Street near the ABC Equipment Company, warning people to avoid the area... [Read More]
The Marshfield Police Department's tweeted that there is an active shooter on Main Street near ABC Equipment. [Read More]
Police said they would share more information as it develops. [Read More]
Police in Massachusetts are responding to an apparent active shooter situation. [Read More]
Police asked the public to avoid the area, "stay inside and lock your doors." [Read More]
SWAT and police teams are hunting an active shooter in Massachusetts. [Read More]
MASSACHUSETTS police and a SWAT team are currently responding to an active shooter in Marshfield on Main Street, as they urge residents to stay inside... [Read More]
Officials are responding to reports of an active shooter in Marshfield on Monday evening. No additional details were immediately available. This is a breaking news... [Read More]
Law enforcement officials are responding to an active shooter situation in Marshfield Monday evening. Officers are searching a heavily-wooded area along Route 3A near Furnace... [Read More]