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July 19, 1930 to Nov. 11, 2017 Laverne Clay, a popular Buffalo actor and director who fostered generations of theater artists in... [Read More]
Sister Antona Ebo, a Bloomington, Ill., native who fought for civil rights in Selma, Ala., was one of the first African-American women to join what... [Read More]
At a community discussion Tuesday, residents and service providers came together to talk about the pressing needs facing the again African-American population in the city.... [Read More]
Based on growing evidence that suggests mindfulness practices may improve psychological functioning, recent decades have seen a surge in mindfulness interventions and the use of... [Read More]
The present study explored approaches to coping among Africultural, college students between the ages of 18 and 22 years. Coping strategies applied to Africultural adolescents... [Read More]
A Lunch Talk with Secratry Jeh JohnsonJeh Johnson is the former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security (2013-2017). He is now in private law practice at... [Read More]
The Quander Family is one of the oldest and consistently documented African-American family names in the United States of America. [Read More]
Minnesota's first African-American Catholic church will celebrate its 125th anniversary on Sunday. St. Peter Claver Church, located on the 300 block of Oxford Street North... [Read More]
The Black Child Legacy Campaign aims to reduce the death rate among African American youth in Sacramento County, and a new report out this week... [Read More]
A new study shows that the location of gas and oil refineries and their resulting pollutants are poisoning African-American communities at a disproportionate rate. The... [Read More]
As New Orleans is set to elect its first African-American female mayor, there is concern as to how the Crescent City will support and embrace... [Read More]
Detroit ranked tenth on a list of worst metropolitan areas in the U.S. for asthma attacks in African-American children due to oil and gas exposure.... [Read More]
Military personnel are seldom surprised or starstruck. But that's exactly what some of the men and women at the U.S. Southern Command in Doral were... [Read More]
There are 12 African-American Civil War veterans buried in a small, hidden Oyster Bay cemetery. Soldiers from other wars are also buried there, many of... [Read More]
Recently the Annie E. Casey Foundation released a report that found Michigan's African-American kids are struggling in school. There's a nationwide disparity between the education... [Read More]
A few weeks ago, we talked with a specialist in underserved farmers at Michigan State University's Center for Regional Food Systems. Shakara Tyler mentioned a... [Read More]
Marvin Dunn, a former college psychology professor and longtime chronicler of Miami's African-American history, is running for Congress as a Democrat, motivated by his growing... [Read More]
According to the US Sentencing Commission, African-American males serve on average 19.1 percent longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same crime. [Read More]
The Quander Family is one of the oldest and consistently documented African-American family names in the United States of America.        ... [Read More]
Kristal Suggs' margin has increased to 62 votes after today's vote canvass. [Read More]