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With all the travel credit cards and other mileage harvesting opportunities available it s not too hard to rack up a large balance of miles... [Read More]
Airlines are having to shell out more for jet fuel, just ahead of the busy summer travel season. [Read More]
The Mexican charter company whose 39-year-old plane crashed in Havana had been the subject of two serious complaints about its crews' performance over the last... [Read More]
Damojh airlines has faced multiple complaints about its crew... [Read More]
A yearlong effort to bring life back to downtown's rebuilt Kerr Park is set to debut in June thanks to a collaborative effort between Southwest... [Read More]
A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Las Vegas to Philadelphia diverted to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon due to a warning light. [Read More]
Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel, third from left, walks away from the site where a Boeing 737 plummeted into a yuca field with more than 100... [Read More]
A passenger who thought a service dog was taking up too much space on his flight punched the animal and its deaf, pregnant owner, Orlando... [Read More]
With a possible WestJet pilots striking looming, other airlines are jumping in to accommodate passengers. [Read More]
A 59-year-old man allegedly punched a pregnant woman, who is also deaf, and her service dog during a Frontier Airlines flight from Colorado Springs to... [Read More]
A man punched a pregnant, deaf woman and her service dog on a flight from Colorado Springs to Orlando shortly after the plane landed, police... [Read More]
After a survey that found widespread sexual harassment on commercial airlines, federal lawmakers have proposed legislation requiring airlines and other transit operations to adopt policies... [Read More]
Southwest Airlines NYSE LUV plans to start flying to Hawaii in late 2018 or early 2019 have attracted a lot of media buzz The carrier... [Read More]
Alaska Airlines has vowed to be the dominant carrier of the West Coast — a goal that was aided when it acquired Burlingame, Calif.-based Virgin... [Read More]
A Cuban airliner with more than 100 people on board crashed Friday after takeoff from Havana with many feared dead. Here is a list... [Read More]
Once you factor in distance, a low-cost airline isn't always the cheapest. [Read More]
On a recent Alaska Airlines flight from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon, captain Tara Wright took the microphone to welcome her passengers onboard—and to alert…... [Read More]
Airlines work to turn time wasted on flights into an opportunity. [Read More]
Being stuck on a plane for hours is unpleasant enough, but even more so when your seatmate is mocking you. Per WTVF , that's... [Read More]
The Fort Worth Invitational at Colonial Country Club, which just a month ago had no title sponsor and faced an uncertain future beyond 2018, has... [Read More]