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The White House is offering a rebuttal to sexual misconduct allegations involving President Donald Trump. [Read More]
Ohio Governor John Kasich took to Twitter to praise Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby and fellow Republican for not voting for Roy Moore in Tuesday's special... [Read More]
If you're a reasonable, decent, sentient person paying even half-assed attention to the credible and relentless news cycle regarding Roy Moore's predilection for preying on... [Read More]
Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore rode his horse Sassy to his polling place in Gallant, Ala., on Tuesday. [Read More]
Standing outside of a Roy Moore rally in Midland City on the eve of Alabama's special Senate election, peanut farmer Nathan Mathis held a photo... [Read More]
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions would not say who he voted for in Tuesday's Alabama special election to fill the Senate seat he vacated to join... [Read More]
Voters will head to the polls today to cast their ballots in one of the most controversial races in state history. [Read More]
A Republican Alabama voter named Charlotte told MSNBC on Tuesday that she had it in her heart to forgive GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore if... [Read More]
A Quinnipiac University poll found 60 percent of voters favor Republican Roy Moore being expelled from Congress if he wins the Tuesday election in Alabama,... [Read More]
Democrat Doug Jones faces off against Republican Roy Moore in the closely-watched Alabama Senate race... [Read More]
Some reports of voter suppression in Alabama are trickling in via Twitter.  Take, for example, one user's experience (I've just pulled the highlights from the... [Read More]
Roy Moore's final rally Monday night in the Alabama Senate race was everything you might expect it to be -- a political circus, with Steve... [Read More]
Alabamians and the rest of the country should know today whether Roy Moore or Doug Jones will be the state's next U.S. Senator. The exact... [Read More]
Who is going to win — Roy Moore, or Doug Jones? Even hours before the polls close, it's still viewed as a toss up. [Read More]
Despite years of efforts to even out health disparities across the United States, some states are dramatically healthier than others, according to a new report.... [Read More]
Wash. Examiner's Hugo Gurdon: "The media have kind of mingled" accusations against Roy Moore "with a complete disregard for the difference in the culture of... [Read More]
The horse-race politics of the Alabama Senate race took a literal turn Tuesday when Republican candidate Roy Moore arrived on horseback to cast his ballot. [Read More]
A majority of voters say the Senate should vote to expel Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore if he wins Tuesday's special election, according to a…... [Read More]
Outside of a Roy Moore rally in Midland City, Alabama, a father urged people not to elect the GOP candidate in memory of his deceased... [Read More]