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The Massachusetts State Hockey Coaches Association High School All-Star Games, presented by Aleppo Shriners, will be held Sunday, April 2 beginning with a 2 p.m.... [Read More]
Syrian army captures major IS stronghold in Aleppo countryside---SANA said the Syrian army captured 27 towns and villages around Deir Hafer and secured the 24... [Read More]
With Alexandra Schmitt, Advocacy Coordinator at Human Rights Watch News of Russia has dominated the Washington press for weeks. Whether, when, and to... [Read More]
Syrian army forces and their allies have liberated dozens of villages on the northeastern outskirts of Aleppo. [Read More]
The Syrian army captured the small town of Deir Hafer east of Aleppo from Islamic State on Wednesday, a Syrian military source said, part of... [Read More]
A second rebel convoy, which left Al-Waer in Homs on March 27, arrived to an opposition-held area in east Aleppo province on March 28, according... [Read More]
More than 50 University of Michigan students and community members gathered Tuesday night in the Diag as part of a vigil commemorating the deaths of... [Read More]
The Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation delivered 24.5 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Syrian province of Aleppo over the past 24 hours, the Russian... [Read More]
The Syrian army has discovered several shelters which belonged to the terrorists in the vicinity of Aleppo, a Syrian military source told Sputnik Arabic. [Read More]
The rebel-held east of the Syrian city has been devastated by years of bombing, first by the government then Russia. The district's few remaining residents... [Read More]
Ruth Maclean reports on how residents of east Aleppo are coping with life after a government siege forced out rebel fighters. [Read More]
According to the Russian General Staff, the Syrian government forces have encircled Daesh fighters in Aleppo province. [Read More]
The Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation delivered 6.1 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Suwayda over the past 24 hours,... [Read More]
Moscow hopes the US-led international coalition takes the same cautious and responsible approach to liberating Mosul that was employed to reduce civilian casualties in Aleppo,... [Read More]
The Pentagon said Monday it was reviewing more than 700 video feeds of coalition air strikes on west Mosul, Iraq after reports of a large... [Read More]
Russian center for Syrian reconciliation carried out six humanitarian events in Aleppo and Latakia Province. [Read More]
The leaders who denounced Putin for killing civilians in Aleppo are not speaking out against the civilians western airstrikes have killed in Mosul... [Read More]
A car bomb exploded on a busy street of Azaz, a city 20 miles north of Aleppo, Syria, killing three and leaving several injured on... [Read More]
US Denies Striking Syrian Mosque After Dozens Reported Killed ... [Read More]
Both Aleppo and Mosul were seized by outlawed militants resisting the legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq, respectively. But despite both cities earlier becoming areas... [Read More]