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Christians who fled Aleppo because of the four year battle for the city are now returning, and in the face of such challenges as poverty,... [Read More]
A dusty teddy bear strewn on the floor, family photos on a wall and dried underwear on a clothesline are among the few remnants of... [Read More]
An official representative of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), Nuri Mehmud, told Sputnik Turkiye that Turkey is getting ready for an assault on the... [Read More]
Director Feras Fayyad rides with the White Helmets, the heroic volunteers of the civil war. [Read More]
Residents of the Syrian city of Aleppo have organized a carnival in the city's ancient Citadel, a medieval fortified structure in the center of the... [Read More]
A refugee girl comes of age in America. [Read More]
Until recently Aboud Kaplo, 14, was teaching himself to play the violin with Youtube videos and an old rattly instrument. It was just about all... [Read More]
It is tempting to compare Marawi city in the southern Philippines with Aleppo in Syria. There are indeed many graphic similarities - the Islamic State... [Read More]
When Myriam Rawick was only eight years old, she started keeping a diary about the war that was unfolding in her native Syria. As... [Read More]
Her journey from Aleppo to Germany made headlines. Three years later, Nujeen faces a new challenge — fitting in at school... [Read More]
Four ceasefire agreements have been signed with the leaders of the Ahrar al-Sham militant group in Aleppo province, bringing the number of adherents to the... [Read More]
A Kurdish source told Sputnik that Syrian militants conduct an offensive to the north of Afrin in the Aleppo province with the support of the... [Read More]
The Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid) charity founded by deceased Russian humanitarian activist Elizaveta Glinka (Doctor Liza) has delivered medicines and nutrition for the children living... [Read More]
A diplomatic crisis pitting Saudi Arabia against Qatar has put Syrian rebels in a difficult position, analysts say, after rivalries between Gulf backers had already... [Read More]
When Omran Daqneesh's photograph was beamed around the world, it became a haunting image of the brutality of the Assad regime and the suffering of... [Read More]
New photographs have emerged of Omran Daqneesh, the little Syrian boy whose image was seen around the world as a symbol of the suffering of... [Read More]
Syrian Army Expels ISIS From Key Aleppo Town | Gains give army better control over Damascus-Aleppo highway... [Read More]
Syrian government forces retake a key town in the eastern part of Aleppo Province. [Read More]
Syria's army Sunday seized a key town from the Islamic State group in the east of Aleppo province, a military source said, nearing its goal... [Read More]