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There's a growing cottage industry of dealers who acquire discarded items at very low prices, only to resell some of them back on Amazon and... [Read More]
Amazon pulled the Chromecast from its online store in 2015, after it instated a new rule that only streaming devices that supported Prime Video could... [Read More]
The bumper purchase of India's Flipkart is yet to impress investors but Walmart says the deal is already paying off. [Read More]
Amazon has opened a compact version of its cashier-less Amazon Go food stores, broadening its bricks-and-mortar footprint with office lobbies and hospitals. [Read More]
It's a busy time of year for everybody, including scammers. [Read More]
With bodegas, corner stores, delis, and big-box mom-and-pop shop Jack's 99 cent store, NYC is the land of convenience. And New Yorkers... [Read More]
Critics of Amazon's deal with New York City continue to be loud and forceful. [Read More]
Amazon Go's newest store measures less than 500 square feet. Its small size belies the huge ambition it represents. The Go concept is expanding rapidly,... [Read More]
International Business News: The FAANGs — an acronym that refers to Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google-parent Alphabet — were volatile throughout 2018, with pronounced... [Read More]
One suspect is still on the run. [Read More]
Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite is a distraction-free, single-purpose device that gives you a much better reading experience. With this deal, you can get it with a... [Read More]
It was variously described as a rite of passage, a take-your-medicine moment, and a very New York-style welcome: Two Amazon executives raised their right hands... [Read More]
Austin may have lost Amazon, but it's about to gain another big tech company -- and you probably have its products in your home. [Read More]
We may have lost Amazon, but another tech company is coming to Austin. [Read More]
They like the convenience, the selection and the free shipping. Amazon has changed the way customers shop, especially now during the holidays. [Read More]
Duke Realty from Indiana represents the client that wants to develop the land, and there's been lots of speculation the buyer is Amazon... [Read More]
Ditch the big companies for your last-minute holiday shopping and support these small businesses instead. [Read More]
Take a look at most of the top toys lists for 2018 and you'll find Fingerlings HUGS at the top of the list. You can... [Read More]
Specifically, it's creating a ground-station-as-a-service business to provide terrestrial hardware for satellite operators. [Read More]
They're primed to take on Amazon. Workers at the retail juggernaut's new Staten Island warehouse are threatening to unionize in response to alleged harsh working... [Read More]