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Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance. Ivy & Julie is set in 1976 San Francisco and centers around 10-year-old Ivy, a Chinese-American girl... [Read More]
Those who know Lakin Simmerman agree she fits the image of an all-American girl with her bright smile and equally bright outlook on life. [Read More]
The city of Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department will host an American Girl Club from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Thursdays between March 16 and May... [Read More]
A boy character is a good idea, but unless Mattel addresses American Girl's triviality it will have converted the iconic dolls into just a bigger... [Read More]
Last week, the deluxe doll company American Girl made a historic announcement: For the first time si... [Read More]
You could win Nashville's hottest new act, Tenney. She's the newest American Girl doll – Nashville Style. Watch for the cue to call during NewsChannel... [Read More]
Jamie Loftus goes to an American Girl store to find its new doll, who is her boyfriend now. [Read More]
Does American Girl's new boy doll fill a need for young children? [Read More]
They're keepsakes that are loved by all ages. That's certainly true for one songwriter from the metro, who's singing the praises of the newest American... [Read More]
When American Girl Dolls announced last week it was unveiling its first boy doll in the company's three-decade history, the story made headlines across the... [Read More]
The newest member of the American Girl family is a singer/songwriter from Nashville who had songs written for her by young girls from across the... [Read More]
She was the first African-American woman hired at the former Hayswood Hospital; she organized marches and demonstrations to fight segregation; and led the first local... [Read More]
The 12 th caller will receive two American Girl Dolls, two Truly Me Stands, and one American Girl Doll Accessory, with a total value of... [Read More]
ASHEVILLE, NC... [Read More]
"This is nothing more than a trick of the enemy by the Gender Neutral Movement..." the email from Reverend Keith A. Ogden said in part. [Read More]
As the country reacts to American Girl's first boy doll, parents and children at an American Girl Doll tea party Saturday in Griswold liked the idea.Paige... [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
Let America's girls have American Girl to themselves. [Read More]
It happens all too often to Americans of Asian ancestry. They are walking home on a crowded street, and someone bumps into them and shouts,... [Read More]
LITCHFIELD — The Litchfield Historical Society book club will meet on Thursday, February 23 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. for "The Traveler's Tricks," a mystery with American... [Read More]