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Emmanuel Bell led American History with 25 points and grabbed five rebounds in a 86-58 win over West Caldwell in West Caldwell. Dahjae Green... [Read More]
Gregg Jarrett Did the FBI and the Justice Department, plot to clear Hillary Clinton, bring down Trump? National News There is strong circumstantial evidence that... [Read More]
which essentially mandates that your internet service provider treats all internet traffic and data equally... [Read More]
First, full disclosure: I am a bonnethead. Like generations of children before and since, I harbor a besotted and lifelong love of Laura Ingalls Wilder's... [Read More]
The buyer is not yet publicly known, but she or he now owns a remarkable piece of American history. [Read More]
Decorated vet Jason Redman, the American History Channel's 2017 Red Bandanna Hero Award Winner, makes his TV debut on Friday's episode Hawaii Five-0... [Read More]
Black Lightning is headed to the nation's capital on Martin Luther King weekend. The trailblazing super hero—the first black DC character to have his own... [Read More]
The current generation of US children is the least active in American history. [Read More]
Taylor Swift says she 'couldn't have asked for a better year' ... [Read More]
There is strong circumstantial evidence that an insidious plot unprecedented in American history was hatched within the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to help... [Read More]
There's a white sheet covering a large object front and center in the education gallery at the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art. [Read More]
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-7th), best captured the tenor of this week's BLocal Year One Progress Report and BUILD College Graduation Program. Cummings, who originally helped... [Read More]
We might be at a watershed moment in American history as the #metoo movement is exposing serial sexual assault perpetrators, including some of the most... [Read More]
Thursday marked the five-year anniversary of perhaps one of the most horrific gun-related crimes in American history, the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. ... [Read More]
Thursday was Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of one of the deadliest attacks on American soil and perhaps the most unifying day in American history. [Read More]
Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez told NBC's Chuck Todd that President Donald Trump is perhaps "the worst president" in American history. The former Obama... [Read More]
The Jewish holiday Hanukkah is upon us, and to mark the eight-day holiday, dignitaries gathered Tuesday night to light the National Menorah across from the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump held an event Thursday celebrating his administration's goal of pursuing the most "far-reaching regulatory reform in American history." [Read More]
On the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and just two months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, the... [Read More]
Over the years, I've probably learned as much, if not more, from George Will as from any columnist or political commentator. These days, his antipathy... [Read More]