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Philanthropy hasn't recovered from the recession. [Read More]

One conservative leader is warning Americans against consuming "lamestream media" stories citing the Southern Poverty Law Center.

... [Read More]
Reception for this quarter's Experienced Americans is Friday at the Golden Link... [Read More]
The Forbes list of 400 richest Americans shows Bill Gates tops the list for the 24th straight year with a net worth estimated at $89 billion…... [Read More]
U.S. wants more access to the Canadian market — but we should be wanting access to the much larger opportunities abroad... [Read More]
The NFL's National Anthem protests have caused what some believe to be irreparable damage to the league. Rather than side with Americans who love the... [Read More]
We have witnessed the disgrace that the players of the NFL get away with by protesting the flag and our national anthem. We do understand... [Read More]
Donald Trump, however, fell 92 spots. ... [Read More]
The White House acknowledged Wednesday that some wealthier Americans may benefit from the Republican plan to cut taxes, but stressed that... [Read More]
The Kurds occupied Kirkuk at the behest of the Americans and a promise that they could keep the territory they took from ISIS. [Read More]
The Affordable Care Act gave health insurance to millions of Americans, but studies suggest it did not put a dent in the number of people... [Read More]
Incarcerated fraudsters in Mexico, who typically bribe guards to acquire cell phones are working even harder to scam more Americans out of money. [Read More]
Americans think technological superiority works to our benefit. The opposite may be true. [Read More]
Nearly half think media fabricate Trump reports ... [Read More]
ISIS sympathizer David Wright was found guilty on all charges for plotting to behead conservative blogger Pamela Geller. Convert Daoud Wright wanted to die as... [Read More]
It seems lately that only international reporters have the courage to challenge their prominent left-wing guests' talking points. Case in point, BBC HARDTalk host Stephen... [Read More]
Millions of Americans would lose a prized tax break under President Donald Trump's sweeping revamp of the tax code... [Read More]
A review by the U.S. Attorney's Office Eastern District in Philadelphia prompted a dozen city restaurants to make changes to become compliant under the Americans... [Read More]
Uncertainty and confusion are mounting as millions of Americans prepare to select health insurance policies when the new open enrollment period under the Affordable Care... [Read More]
Much is to be learned about Type 2 Diabetes. According to a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) released in June 2014, 29.1... [Read More]