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A federal judge threw out a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton by the parents of two Americans killed in the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya,... [Read More]
Memorial Day is tomorrow and commemorates all Americans who have died in military service for the United States. All flags should fly at half-mast on... [Read More]
Advocates for minority communities say President Donald Trump's proposed budget answers the question he famously posed to black Americans during his campaign: "What the hell... [Read More]
In a 2010 Pew Research Center survey, nearly 30 percent of Americans admitted they could not identify a single neighbor by name. That planted the... [Read More]
Americans should worry less about what other people are saving and more about pensions that governments have promised but are unable to pay. [Read More]
A growing number of consumers are financing vehicles. But are they putting their credit at risk? [Read More]
On Memorial Day, Americans flock outside to celebrate the unofficial start of summertime with picnics, parades, and cookouts with family and friends. [Read More]
I am a sucker for lists. [Read More]
By James F. Burns Special to The Sun A tear welled up in Hal's eye, a deep sadness etched... [Read More]
Down on Tacoma's Antique Row, there's a store whose very name sheds light on a disorder shared by five million Americans. [Read More]
Down on Tacoma's Antique Row, there's a store whose very name sheds light on a disorder shared by five million Americans. [Read More]
Companies take huge risks when they stake out a political or social stance. [Read More]
What should Americans make of the latest political sideshow? [Read More]
Social Security is one of the cornerstones of financial security for the nation. So are small businesses. Millions of Americans own and operate small businesses,... [Read More]
The recent bombing in Manchester, England, which killed 22 people (including children) and wounded dozens more, was followed shortly after by a temporary (though very... [Read More]
In a Gallop Poll taken this month, 72 percent of Americans said moral values in America are "getting worse," compared with 20 percent who said... [Read More]
Yesterday, two men died and another was injured trying to defend fellow Americans against hate. The man who killed them may or... [Read More]
Why do Americans hate politics?There is no shortage of reasons: Rampant partisanship. Narcissistic self-interest. The corrosive influence of big money. Short-termism.Against this depressing backdrop, there... [Read More]
In his 1989 farewell address, then-President Ronald Reagan offered a simple message that we would be wise to reflect on nearly 30 years later: "As... [Read More]
CBO: Hundreds of Thousands of Coloradans Could Lose Health Coverage ... [Read More]