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Spotify is giving its premium experience on iOS and Android a new look: The company started to roll out changes to its mobile apps with... [Read More]
It sports narrower bezels to fit a 10.5-inch display with Super AMOLED technology. [Read More]
The phone startup founded by the creator of Android has been struggling to find its way. [Read More]
Google is updating more and more of its apps to come into line with its latest Material Design trends, and now it's Keep Notes' turn... [Read More]
Apple has erected some high walls around its iPhone users. Those who wish to leave iOS have to do some climbing, and moving out of... [Read More]
You can't tell the difference between mid September and mid July right now with the heat and humidity continuing through the region…but there will be... [Read More]
Spotify on Thursday (Oct. 18) unveiled an update to its Premium mobile app on iOS and Android, streamlining its navigation with a focus on music... [Read More]
If you're not a fan of auto-rotate but still want the ability to rotate your device, Android Pie has a solution. [Read More]
The company had a valuation of nearly $1 billion in 2017. [Read More]
This man's reaction when a stranger points out he's wearing his motorcycle helmet BACKWARDS is endearing. His embarrassed grin is pure gold. ... [Read More]
Bloodworks Northwest on Monday launched its app aimed at motivating first-time donors to give blood, following what it called a successful test in Eugene, Ore.... [Read More]
Other Android phones are great, but the Pixel 3 will give you the best experience. [Read More]
Essential has cut as much as 30 percent of its workforce, suggesting that it may be in more trouble than previously thought. The news comes... [Read More]
Los sistemas operativos iOS y Android son los más eficientes y populares del mercado. Pero ¿sabes cuál es el mejor? En esta guía te ayudamos... [Read More]
Twitter novice. Android user. Diverse interests. Please recommend what you use to keep it all under control and why. Among other things I follow several... [Read More]
When Epic Games initially released Fortnite for Android earlier this year it made it exclusively available on Samsung devices. If you're rocking a Galaxy S9... [Read More]
International Business News: Google faced a deadline to make changes to Android after EU regulators in July fined it a record €4.34 billion for breaking... [Read More]
Getty Google has announced major changes to the way its mobile software Android will work inside Europe. It will start charging... [Read More]
Manufacturers will now have to pay Google to sell Android devices. [Read More]
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