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The OnePlus 5T has officially been unveiled, with a price tag of $499. The Android-powered smartphone features a 6-inch Full Optic AMOLED display, a headphone... [Read More]
Face Unlock on the OnePlus 5T is faster than Face ID. [Read More]
Apple's new iPhone X has been hailed as the greatest — and at a starting price of $999, the most expensive — smartphone ever created.... [Read More]
10-Year Old Successfully Unlocks His Mom's iPhone X Using Face ID ... [Read More]
Hackers have already fooled Apples Faces ID by using a silicone mask. [Read More]
Reuters A Vietnamese cybersecurity firm says it can unlock an iPhone X with Face ID using a custom mask. It's the first... [Read More]
A kid's face managed to trick Apple's Face ID. [Read More]
Apple's Face ID is one the main features of the new iPhone X. It is, ostensibly far more secure than using a fingerprint sensor, but... [Read More]
A researcher in Vietnam has demonstrated how he apparently fooled Apple Inc's face recognition ID software on its new iPhone X. [Read More]
Just a week after Apple released its brand new iPhone X on November 3, a team of hackers has claimed to successfully hack Apple's Face... [Read More]
Security researchers at Bkav claim to have beaten Apple's Face ID authentication on the iPhone X, but experts aren't convinced the attack is a threat. [Read More]
Key questions persist about $150 mask hackers used to unlock Face-protected iPhone X. [Read More]
The Vietnamese security company Bkav says that a prototype mask costing $150 can reliably defeat Apple's Face ID authentication system. However, the company (which has... [Read More]
On Friday, Vietnamese security firm Bkav released a blog post and video purportedly showing them cracking Face ID with a composite mask of ... [Read More]
A Vietnamese security firm was able to trick Apple's Face ID security feature through an elaborate mask that cost $150 to make. Should iPhone X... [Read More]
Apple's Face ID is supposed to be the most secure biometric security system ever put into a smartphone. The company claims a false-positive rate of... [Read More]
One of the next-generation Apple iPads will have Face ID, which will replace the Touch ID feature. [Read More]
Drchrono says it can save doctors time each day by taking advantage of Apple's Face ID. [Read More]
Apple's Face ID promises to be a game changer. [Read More]
The iPhone X's Face ID feature has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it's raised a lot of questions. Here are five things... [Read More]