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This week saw more indications of delays for Apple's much-anticipated charging mat, hints about a new Apple watch or three and Bose gets into sleep... [Read More]
Where the heck is Apple's 3-in-1 AirPower wireless charging pad? It's probably not coming for at least another few months. AirPower has been a... [Read More]
Could we be charging our iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod all together at last? [Read More]
This week Benjamin and Zac iOS 12 beta 2, MP3 chapter support in Apple's Podcasts app, AirPlay 2 potential for AirPort Express; watchOS 5 beta... [Read More]
Apple Apple said it would release a wireless charging pad called AirPower in 2018. It hasn't been released yet. Apple is struggling with... [Read More]
Apple first announced its AirPower wireless charging mat 282 days ago back in September, with a 2018 release promise. Previous rumors had suggested it would... [Read More]
Smartwatches are struggling to find their place in today's tech-saturated market, with one exception: The Apple Watch. Now, you can score a brand-new Apple Watch... [Read More]
Will the fourth time around be the biggest change ever? [Read More]
Will the fourth time around be the biggest change yet for Apple's smartwatch? [Read More]
watchOS 5 developer beta 2 for Apple Watch is out and it includes the Walkie-Talkie voice chat feature shown earlier this month. [Read More]
Your answer might be different depending on whether your priority is a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. [Read More]
The second watchOS 5 beta includes a few notable additions to the Apple Watch operating system, the most important being a functioning Walkie Talkie app. [Read More]
After appearing as a placeholder in the initial iOS 12 developer beta, Walkie-Talkie is now functional in iOS 12 beta 2. After testing it I... [Read More]
To bring full Twitter support back to Apple Watch, a developer has launched a new app called "Chirp" that allows users to view the timeline,... [Read More]
Not too long after Apple rolled out the second beta of iOS 12 -- which we should point out is far more stable than the... [Read More]
The latest sign that Apple is working on the Apple Watch 4 is hidden in the iOS 12 developer beta today. [Read More]
Apple has released the second beta version of watchOS 5 to developers. Here's how you can download it to your Apple Watch. [Read More]
Will Bishop is bringing Twitter back to the Apple Watch with the release of Chirp, a freemium app that offers wrist access to Twitter's timeline,... [Read More]
Don't you wish your favorite Wear OS watch face could do more? Thanks to a huge new Facer update, it can! Facer 4.6.0 adds... [Read More]
Charging my Apple Watch on a nightly basis has become second nature for the most part, but there are still times when I forget. Since... [Read More]