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Thursday update, Sept 20, 02:45: The time was set. The time has passed. Asia Argento has said on Twitter that she is moving ahead with plans... [Read More]
Do identity politics truly represent "the demand for dignity," as centrist political philosopher Francis Fukuyama asserts in the subtitle of his new book, Identity: The Demand for Dignity... [Read More]
They're both imperfect spokespeople for the diverse, dispersed, and embattled #MeToo movement. [Read More]
The actress who allegedly assaulted Jimmy Bennett threatens to sue the CITIZEN ROSE star for libel. Live From E! reacts to Rose's response! [Read More]
"Suspiria," "Opera," "Tenebre" and more playing at Metrograph retrospective. [Read More]
The unconventional model is now dating Rose McGowan and is causing cracks in the #MeToo movement after a very toxic Twitter fight with Asia Argento... [Read More]
'The 24hr deadline given to retract your recent false statements about me has now passed...I've instructed Mishcon de Reya to seek substantial damages for deception,... [Read More]
Asia Argento, an Italian actress and director at the forefront of the #MeToo campaign that brought down producer Harvey Weinstein over sexual assault, herself reportedly... [Read More]
Asia Argento is now seeking "substantial damages" from Rose McGowan, after threatening her with legal action this week. [Read More]
Asia Argento said on Twitter Tuesday that she is moving forward on taking legal action against Rose McGowan and is seeking substantial damages. [Read More]
Asia Argento announces she is following through on her threat of legal action towards Rose McGowan... [Read More]
Asia Argento says she is seeking damages for "deception, fraud, coercion and libel" after McGowan and her partner, Rain Dove, claimed Argento sexually assaulted then-underage... [Read More]
One day after threatening "immediate legal action" against Rose McGowan, Asia Argento said Tuesday that she's now seeking "substantial damages for deception, fraud, coercion and... [Read More]
Asia Argento and Rose McGowan may be too busy to fight sexual harassment as #MeToo warriors because they'll be busy fighting each other in court. [Read More]
Yesterday Asia Argento threatened to take legal action against Rose McGowan, and now it appears she is following through. [Read More]
Asia Argento is planning to sue actress Rose McGowan over a statement she made in August concerning the sexual assault accusations against Argento. [Read More]
Asia Argento tweeted Rose McGowan will be hearing from her lawyers on Tuesday after she failed to retract her statement claiming the Italian actress admitted... [Read More]
Asia Argento has threatened Rose McGowan with legal action over a statement she made regarding the sexual assault accusations Argento faces from a male actor. Argento has... [Read More]
The X Factor Italy star is seeking damages for deception, fraud, coercion and libel​. [Read More]
Asia Argento says she wants Rose McGowan to apologize for allegedly making up "horrendous lies" about her — or face legal action... [Read More]