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Radio and TV report that the Ohio legislature is examining a legislative proposal to control "assault weapons."Before they put that term into legislation, lawmakers should... [Read More]
Over the weekend, we went to Wine Maestro, Risto's, Twisted Oak, Daveste Vineyards, Marty's, Broad Street Burger Co., Unwined and D'Laney's. Who else showed up?... [Read More]
In his roles, he's been stabbed, shot, chased off a cliff, tossed off a satellite dish, beheaded, exploded, killed by arrows, and drawn and quartered. [Read More]
Thanks to wall-to-wall television coverage and constant reminders from Facebook "Memories," I continue to reminisce about March Madness and my own fortunate direct involvement in... [Read More]
Whichever government body approved having yellow flashing arrows in the left-turn lanes around Boulder needs to rethink their decision. [Read More]
Mumbai City FC came back from a goal down to beat Indian Arrows in their Super Cup encounter in Bhubaneswar on Friday. [Read More]
Indian Super League (ISL) outfit Mumbai City FC prevailed over All India Football Federation (AIFF)'s developmental side Indian Arrows 2-1 in extra time at the... [Read More]
Hawkeye isn't in any of the trailers for "Avengers: Infinity War." He isn't even on the poster. Several days ago, Jeremy Renner, the actor who... [Read More]
I'm recovering from trauma. Last night, after a day full of obsessively ruminating on my trauma, I finally got the thoughts to go away by... [Read More]
Flashing yellow arrows coming... [Read More]
American patriots gather to discuss the ongoing battle for freedom. [Read More]
which features three arrows - represents the three sets of chromosomes that people with Down's Syndrome have and they also symbolise rising up and moving... [Read More]
Watertown High School head wrestling coach Chas Welch is one of eight coaches named as Region Coaches of the Year by the South Dakota Wrestling... [Read More]
Convoy Crestview defeated Maumee Valley Country Day 61-45 in a Division IV Regional Semifinal basketball game Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at the Stroh Center in... [Read More]
Most people assume that any plastic item marked with the famous recycling arrows will have a second life as another object if placed in a... [Read More]
When I first met Sera it was hate at first sight. She's a member of the enigmatic Red Jennies, a group of subversive agents trying... [Read More]