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Looking back at the week that was CES 2018, one thing becomes clear: artificial intelligence gadgets are coming in a big way....AMZN... [Read More]
Boon Tech is an Artificial Intelligence Powered Freelance job marketplace. It could be the Fiverr Killer, Fiverr, who is the market leader in freelance job... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence that controls your infotainment screen. A vehicle that can read your brain. Cars that can see around blind corners. [Read More]
Dear John: With the growth of robotics and artificial intelligence decreasing the need for human workers, I wonder if any of these companies will be... [Read More]
The future of travel will be dominated by artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles and luggage that follows you around like a Labrador — or at least... [Read More]
Not all 'smart' devices use AI, not that you'd know it from this year's Consumer Electronics Show. But while the term might be good for... [Read More]
PILOTS could be out of a job and risk being replaced by robots as artificial intelligence technology surges, an expert has warned. [Read More]
Robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are all in the spotlight at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show. Source: AP... [Read More]
Alexa makes our family life so full of music and fun.At any moment, one of my daughters might ask one of Amazon's artificial intelligence d... [Read More]
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DAY THREE When attending CES, you never entirely get used to seeing technology concepts come to life, which once were only envisioned in science... [Read More]
Gleb Leonov/Strelka Institute/Flickr There's a surge of freelance workers at the beginning of every new year. The more specialized your skills are, the... [Read More]
Let me start with something obvious to most people interested in innovation: this is the golden age of Artificial Intelligence, and it's going to dominate... [Read More]
As you know it! [Read More]
One of the Palestinian conjoined twins from the Gaza Strip separated this week in surgery in Saudi Arabia has died but her sister is recovering,... [Read More]
Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many common household products. While it is perfectly safe for humans, it can be harmful for your pets. [Read More]
The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, featured thousands of smart gadgets, artificial intelligence devices and hi-tech cars. [Read More]
Could your love of artificial sweeteners actually be making you fatter? If you are using them right now – this may change everything. See the... [Read More]
While walking or riding on the beautiful heathland near my home, I have noticed a growing number of signs telling me to respect ground-nesting birds.... [Read More]