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Sixty five million years ago, an asteroid killed off the dinosaurs. So how can we can we humans stop an asteroid from wiping us out... [Read More]
The JAXA spacecraft is dropping a few emissaries to the surface before moving in itself to swipe a piece of the space rock Ryugu. [Read More]
Sixty-five million years ago, an asteroid killed off the dinosaurs. So how can we can we humans stop an asteroid from wiping us out, too? [Read More]
NASA launched the Dawn space probe 11 years ago with the mission of investigating small celestial bodies in the asteroid belt for clues about how…... [Read More]
Ceres is the largest world in the asteroid belt... [Read More]
FIVE giant asteroids will barrel past the planet this week during a so-called Earth Close Approach, NASA has revealed. [Read More]
Shep has to stop an asteroid from destroying a planet... but at what cost? [Read More]
Ten years ago, NASA's Dawn spacecraft set sail for the two most massive bodies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter: giant asteroid Vesta... [Read More]
Watch your Bangor News on WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox 22, ABC and Fox Affiliate in Bangor Maine... [Read More]
The spiral galaxy NGC 3981 whirls in a new image from the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile. [Read More]
A recent analysis of data from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveals the role of cryovolcanism past — and likely present — on the giant asteroid Ceres. [Read More]
We usually associate volcanoes with extreme heat. But new results demonstrate that the Solar System's largest asteroid, Ceres, is covered in volcanoes that have spewed ice... [Read More]
THREE massive asteroids barrelling through space will skim the planet today in a so-called Earth Close Approach, space agency NASA revealed. [Read More]
An asteroid was named after a Midway ISD student after his success at the 2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair this summer. [Read More]
AN INCREDIBLE interstellar "ark" spaceship made from a hollowed-out asteroid has been debuted by a group of international scientists. [Read More]
FROM volcano eruptions to the tantalising possibility of habitable exoplanets, the war on plastic in our oceans to protecting the world from asteroid impacts, ExCel... [Read More]
A small, recently discovered asteroid -- or perhaps a comet -- appears to have originated from outside the solar system, coming from somewhere else in... [Read More]
Senegal has made great strides in astronomy and planetary sciences in recent years. [Read More]
Astronomers recently scrambled to observe an intriguing asteroid that zipped through the solar system on a steep trajectory from interstellar space—the first confirmed object from... [Read More]