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GENEVA—Having analyzed the data from extensive surveys conducted across the globe, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday that a boat currently capsizing in the Atlantic... [Read More]
The event will be streamed live on Saturday so you can watch participants take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean for charity. [Read More]
New species of shark discovered after genetics shows that the bigeye sixgill is in fact two separate species. [Read More]
Experts wrongly identified the creature for decades. [Read More]
Oceanographers have put a stethoscope on the coursing circulatory system of the Atlantic Ocean, and they have found a skittish pulse that's surprisingly strong in... [Read More]
New Study Shows Deep Sea Fish are Eating Plastic A study by the National University of Ireland in Galway show 73 percent of deepwater fish... [Read More]
The gracefully swirling clouds that sweep over hundreds of kilometers in this photo-like image are beautiful, but they were likely bringing heavy snow and strong... [Read More]
Demi Aamold has never been far away from her family for long, she said. However, this summer she plans to travel across the Atlantic Ocean... [Read More]
An Irish research team found that nearly three-quarters of deep-sea fish collected from the northern Atlantic Ocean had tiny plastic particles known as "microplastics" in... [Read More]
About 200 Stockton University students dove into the icy Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, Feb. 18, as a show of support for the school's Kappa Sigma... [Read More]
Albany With its historic canal system facing another abbreviated boating season this year, the state is offering $2.5 million for outside ideas on... [Read More]
During four days of immersion in Navy life, News Anchor John Carlin flew out to the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Atlantic Ocean. In... [Read More]
10 News was invited to fly to an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean. Reporter John Carlin spent 24 hours on board, learning what... [Read More]
Van driver detained after being found near Trump's motorcade with a gun ... [Read More]
Nathan Deal's term as Georgia's governor ends in less than 11 months.Given his continued silence on potential oil and natural gas field exploration off our... [Read More]
Artificial sweeteners, caffeine and numerous medications for high blood pressure, ulcers, heartburn and pain relief were found in the Hudson River, which is 315 miles... [Read More]
Today is Tuesday, Feb. 20, the 51st day of 2018. There are 314 days left in the year.On Feb. 20, 1962, astronaut John Glenn became... [Read More]
1962 – Mercury program: While aboard Friendship 7, John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the earth, making three orbits in four hours, 55... [Read More]
Cape Town, South Africa, is a modern city of nearly 4 million people. Perched on the Atlantic Ocean, it is the second-largest city in South... [Read More]
A Florida Tech-led team confirmed that sixgill sharks in the Atlantic are a different species than sixgills in the Indian and Pacific oceans. [Read More]