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Since the September 11th attacks, police have been assessing terror threat levels and gathering intelligence from thousands of sources. [Read More]
Two people were shot in attacks on the South Side Monday, according to Chicago police. In the Park Manor neighborhood, a 21-year-old woman was... [Read More]
A World War II "Flying Fortress" B-17 bomber pilot and gunner who survived Nazi fighter attacks will reunite after 73 years for Memorial Day.      ... [Read More]
The cougar, who was about 30 pounds underweight, is undergoing a necropsy at Washington State University.        ... [Read More]
The media are trying to destroy President Trump, discredit Republicans and elect Democrats. What to do? With less than six months until the November... [Read More]
Shortly after coming to power in Germany, the Nazis moved to assume control over the press. The Editors Law, passed in October 1933, forbade Jews... [Read More]
In the wake of Mike Braun's victory as the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Indiana, Democratic Super PAC American Bridge attacked his record on... [Read More]
Colorado wildlife managers are fighting a deadly disease that attacks the brain of deer, elk and moose, and has infected up to 16 percent of... [Read More]
Must address reason for school attacks There's been another school shooting, this time in Texas. I expect there will be another round of cries for... [Read More]
The funding is an increase over the $2.8 million the city received last year through the Department of Homeland Security's Urban Areas Security Initiative program,... [Read More]
Getty President Donald Trump's latest round of attacks on the FBI has left morale at the Justice Department at a new low, with officials bemoaning... [Read More]
Nathaniel Thomas is charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault, kidnapping and child molestation in alleged attacks on his teammates.        ... [Read More]
Boston has seen more than five dozen terror attacks since 1970. WBZ-TV's Cheryl Fiandaca reports. [Read More]
Russian teachers are to be offered training to prepare them for possible armed attacks on schools and other emergency situations through a nationwide system of... [Read More]
The Trump administration's revamped Afghanistan strategy has made little progress against the Taliban insurgency, leaving the country a "dangerous and volatile" place nearly 17 years... [Read More]
A Kansas man who shot and killed an Indian software engineer and injured two others in February 2017 pleaded guilty on Monday in federal court... [Read More]
While most of the MAGAverse supports President Trump's attacks on the Russia investigation, Chris Christie is reminding people that Robert Mueller's probe is not the... [Read More]
An influential right-wing group in Brazil has lashed out against a fact-checking campaign launched by Facebook, saying the measure amounts to censorship aimed at stifling... [Read More]
Jill Sanborn, new FBI special agent in charge in Minneapolis, helped lead probe into 2015 San Bernardino attacks. [Read More]
State Superintendent Diane Douglas is proposing to weaken the teaching of evolution in Arizona's public schools.        ... [Read More]