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AP Toys R Us is defending its plan to liquidate its US business in US Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday. More than 50 toy... [Read More]
'Totally hysterical'... [Read More]
We long ago entered an age where human contact and experience were expendable, and virtual exchanges were more efficient and economical. Why get in your... [Read More]
Toys R Us is closing stores, bringing sadness to those who roamed aisles looking at Barbie dolls, GI Joes, and toys that weren't electronic. [Read More]
Rodrigo Alves, famously known as the human ken doll, is now looking for his very own human Barbie and is appearing in a Russian show... [Read More]
I don't completely condemn the appropriation of Frida, but they could have done it more intelligently and sensitively. [Read More]
The Frida Kahlo Barbie is not an accurate representation of who she was and contradicts the message of the series. [Read More]
Savvy parents know that every cloud-connected electronic gadget they buy for their kids is a potential hole in their network, a sneaky listening device that... [Read More]
Store buyers in quest of the next big plaything found the haughty and voluptuous doll Mattel unveiled at New York City's Toy Fair in 1959... [Read More]
Watch out Malibu Barbie! There's a new Barbie in town. Palm Beach fashion personality Iris Apfel now has a Barbie doll modeled after her... [Read More]
So, Mattel recently caught some slack after announcing a Frida Kahlo Barbie. Kahlo's estate is saying that the toy manufacturer didn't get permission from them... [Read More]
The American toy company that created the Barbie doll announced a new addition to the line in the image of Iris Apfel as an homage to... [Read More]
There's a new Barbie doll — and she's modeled on a 96-year-old Jewish style icon. [Read More]
A Barbie doll in the image of Iris Apfel, right. Photo: Courtesy of Mattel Inc... [Read More]
In loving memory of Mary A. Taylor It's been two years since you left us. We love and miss you. -Barbie & Steve... [Read More]
Reuben Gustave Kroll Reuben Gustave Kroll born November 22, 1929 died peacefully March 14, 2018 with the love of his life at his side following... [Read More]
Mattel just released the collection of heroine Barbie dolls – Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, and Katherine Johnson – and they couldn't house a vital organ... [Read More]
Once the go-to store for toys, Toys 'R' Us is now set to close more than 700 stores, affecting some 30,000 employees. The company sold... [Read More]
The top toy brands in the world are Pokemon, Star Wars, Nerf and Barbie. Hot Wheels have fallen lower in the top 10. Legos sales... [Read More]
A Missouri woman has discovered a package with a racial epithet on it and a black Barbie doll inside at the home she shares with... [Read More]