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The American Music Awards is basically like the Twilight Zone of award ceremonies. Sunday night's show (held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles) depicted... [Read More]
[Photo by: ABC]Leave it to Portugal. The Man to basically troll the American Music Awards during their performance of... [Read More]
This map shows the morning rush hour for Monday's commute. Note that the only lake effect is in eastern Lake county and northern Ashtabula county.... [Read More]
Writing about a writer's block is better than not writing at all.   –Charles Bukowski Ugggghh.   In case you haven't noticed, things have been... [Read More]
Our pet canines have alterations in their genes that make them more sociable than wolves, a new study says. [Read More]
Marc Schoenfeld's letter ("Consolidation of cities wouldn't be worth it," Nov. 15) basically says, I've got mine and the rest of you can all jump... [Read More]
Worley was reminded that he and safety Erick Smith might be the final Buckeyes to play at Ohio State, at least for awhile. ... [Read More]
Within 24 hours after a person is arrested, judges across Utah must make a decision: Should the suspect be required to pay money — and... [Read More]
BEST RUN STUFF: Trailing 27-zip, the Raiders went for it on fourth-and-1 late in the third quarter after a running into the kicker penalty advanced... [Read More]
By AMY DISMUKES Ever think folks get a little 'chainsaw happy' when you see a tree that's been hacked down to stubs? One that looks as... [Read More]
The Concord-Carlisle boys soccer team's final game was basically its season in microcosm.There was some early adversity. The team fought back, dealt with a little... [Read More]
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Nothing is new in the world of football schematics. Everything is cribbed, lifted or jacked from a... [Read More]
Riley's firing appears to be a formality. You might've reached the conclusion that Mike Riley was going to get fired as Nebraska's football coach... [Read More]
Skating on the Square in Spartanburg delayed its opening again on Saturday.After pushing the opening back from Friday afternoon, the outdoor ice rink at Morgan... [Read More]
Alaïa was known for his independent spirit and as a pioneer of form-fitting, figure-defining fashion. Basically, he pioneered bodycon. [Read More]
For Joe Troy, the opening of the new Hospital for Special Surgery orthopedic surgical unit at Stamford Hospital couldn't have come at a better time.... [Read More]
For the second consecutive year Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh played in a highly contested game that went the way of the Hokies. In last year's... [Read More]
One thing you have to say about Trump, he's consistent. Basically, he's full of shit 100% of the time. His word has the life expectancy... [Read More]
Roger Federer says he "can't wait" to get back on court in Australia after an inspired David Goffin destroyed his chance to finish a golden... [Read More]