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Hospital pharmacist Mandy Langston remembers when Lulabelle Berry arrived at Stone County Medical Center's emergency department last year. Berry couldn't talk. Her face was drooping... [Read More]
Somewhere during the first act of Jesus Christ Superstar — playing now at Actors Cabaret of Eugene — I realize that basically Jesus is every... [Read More]
"I'm here praying for my family, for the people they lost ... Their houses, their family members — for my country, basically." [Read More]
Groups representing doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and more are lined up against the GOP bill. [Read More]
Since I've basically ceased to eat according to the precepts of of humans' scientifically determined nutritional needs altogether, there's no shame in admitting how much... [Read More]
How has Connecticut gotten itself into such a financial mess? Has it been because we've had basically one-party rule for 40 years? Is it our... [Read More]
Oh my... [Read More]
Ahab and the whale. Iago and Othello. Khan and Kirk. Donald Trump and his deathly ill grandnephew with cerebral palsy. All classic... [Read More]
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, one of the six Republican negotiators, told reporters the plan now is 'basically not cutting taxes very much for... [Read More]
How does he escape the hookup vortex? ... [Read More]
TV mega producer Dick Wolf is basically synonymous with NBC, thanks to his decades-spanning work on the network's Law & Order franchise, and his efforts... [Read More]
Try out the PUBG-inspired mode free on PC and consoles. [Read More]
"Allergies is basically the body's reaction to otherwise benign substances. A certain chemical, a pollen in this case, will enter the body, the body will think... [Read More]
Richard Jesus Fucking Stallman returns with more insight. So I've recently discussed my new brain enhancing ultra hobby here: after adding 32 new compiler switches... [Read More]
Nearly three million Americans have dental implants, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Most of the procedures go well, but sometimes, there is... [Read More]
New research shows that migrating bats have an uncanny ability to assess weather conditions such as wind speed, wind direction, and air pressure, abilities which... [Read More]
Manufacturing jobs in Spartanburg County have reached a 10-year high.Will Rothschild, vice president of strategic communications for the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said data... [Read More]
Upper level high pressure keeps the Arklatex hot and dry. Some change possible late next week. Maria could threaten northern US Coast. Wednesday proved to... [Read More]
In response to the hoopla surrounding Threaderipper and its four dies, two of which are non-functional, or "dummy dies" as AMD calls them, an AMD... [Read More]
Harry Styles' fans are visibly upset after they see he is charging more money for bigger sizes in his merch. [Read More]