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Psychology experts who have been drawn into the Democrats' call for President Trump to be removed from office because he is mentally unfit have had... [Read More]
Following the approval of a $1.8 million grant, a planned building in the Thad Cochran Research, Technology and Economic Development Park has come closer to... [Read More]
the best handmade thing you own, what makes it great, and maybe a hint (or if I'm really lucky, a tutorial or some pictures) about... [Read More]
GUEST: When a small-to-mid-sized business first implements a new technology, it's often only one person inside the company who owns the entire product. In the... [Read More]
Keenan Evans was already Texas Tech's starting point guard and had been to an NCAA Tournament when Chris Beard became his coach two years ago.... [Read More]
With so many storms, plow drivers have been on call basically all month. Yet again today, they were getting their trucks ready for another batch... [Read More]
I really liked this article by Noah Smith at Bloomberg about why money managers get paid so much. The conclusion was basically: we don't fully... [Read More]
"Basically, why would anyone do that to a 10-month-old kitten?" [Read More]
It's called an "atmospheric river" -- basically a river in the sky -- that could unleash catastrophic amounts of rain. And it's headed for California. [Read More]
It doesn't have to be like this. In the 1970s, the United States government began a unique practice of "shutting down," or suspending most non-emergency... [Read More]
The Republican National Committee spent a whopping $271,000 at two Trump properties in February, according to a report from The Washington Post. All told, 86... [Read More]
Brazil's government has basically abandoned its bid to privatize state-controlled power holding company Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA, the lawmaker tasked with getting the privatization bill... [Read More]
Inequities in the dollars used to fund schools have been a problem in Ohio for decades. Education funding depends on local home values, business investments,... [Read More]
If you're interested in the HTC Vive Focus VR headset but you don't live in China, you've basically been out of luck. That is, until... [Read More]
As filmmaker Kevin Miller so poignantly points out in his documentary "Hellbound?" there are basically 3 positions Christians can take when it comes to eschatological... [Read More]
By the mid-1970s, the arrival of a Stanley Kubrick film in theaters was a cultural event. ... [Read More]
'Basically impossible'... [Read More]
A former assistant manager of the Brooks Brothers store has been accused of helping to steal nearly $30,000 from the high-end mall retailer. Police... [Read More]
Jason Anthony, a 34-year-old from Fairfield, was entirely familiar with his challenge over the weekend at Harding Park. Anthony also reached the quarterfinals of last... [Read More]
It's high time to expose the massive U.S. support for the war against Yemen. We have too many issues to fight in this country, including... [Read More]