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Joy-Ann Reid penned an outstanding essay on Donald Trump for the Daily Beast. I encourage you to read it in it's entirety. Reid captures the poignancy of... [Read More]
WVU sweeps dual gymnastics, wrestling meet- MORGANTOWN — WVU delivered a triple-threat victory with wins for... [Read More]
Evil queens and fairy godmothers mingled over cookies and sweet punch at the annual Pastries with the Princesses Sunday afternoon. All proceeds from the benefit... [Read More]
Credit: Getty/The Daily Beast What do you like to drink after a shift? "It depends on my mood, but sometimes it's a cup of English-style... [Read More]
JOEL SAGET NICE, France—When a Paris appellate court ruled last week that Europe's most charismatic Muslim leader may have to stay in prison for at... [Read More]
Bettmann/Getty Jennifer Rubell was standing on a platform, wearing black top, black pants, and an unreadable expression. Upon another platform in front of her 192... [Read More]
Getty/Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast The cry of "America First" is back with a vengeance. Which makes it the perfect time for a... [Read More]
Ralf Hiemisch The World Anti-Doping Agency's fundamental purpose is preserving "the spirit of sport." In its official Code, WADA describes that spirit as "the essence... [Read More]
The tech oligarchs who already dominate our culture and commerce, manipulate our moods, and shape the behaviors of our children while accumulating capital at a... [Read More]
Dylan Woolhouse's new drift beast turned plenty of heads in Tauranga... [Read More]
Capt. Alan Bauerly and Beast Battery have been out in the field training with the rest of 3rd Brigade getting ready for a rotation at... [Read More]
"Black Panther" has been breaking box office records left and right, and it still may not be done. But for now, here are some of... [Read More]
Speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt, a former adult film star who still has connections in the industry claimed more actresses may come forward with... [Read More]
James Hill, 26, was making a cup of tea when dad Colin, 59, saw the 2ft "beast" hit the ground close to the Kent coastline... [Read More]
Akron's massive $12 million tunnel-boring machine — aka Rosie — has spawned a literary offspring. If you haven't kept up with underground Akron, Rosie is... [Read More]
The 2018 Dodge Durango is a blend of Beauty and the Beast, but the matinee idol of this duo is the Beast. [Read More]
I read the Telegraph Herald editorial of Feb. 14, "Spending 'beast' Needs A Diet." OK, all this Chicken Little calling "the sky is falling, the... [Read More]
Disney On Ice is back in Boston this week with its "Dare To Dream" show, which will be performed at the TD Garden through Feb.... [Read More]
Reading Royals fall at home on Saturday. [Read More]