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The friendly exes didn't drive together to the Los Angeles church, meeting up before going in on Sunday. The actress brought their son Samuel, four, but there was no sign of Seraphina, eight.... [Read More]
The new trailer for the final Wolverine movie, Logan, is VERY R-rated, Ben Affleck comments on the Sad Affleck Meme and Nintendo lays out the differences for Zelda: Breath of the Wild on... [Read More]
Around the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, just after the reviews for the blockbuster had emerged and revealed that it wasn't quite the critical darling that Warner Bros and those... [Read More]
Also: Ben Affleck sober but not, Nicole Kidman shouldn't expect to expect, and more. [Read More]
Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Armie Hammer, and Jake Gyllenhaal are on the shortlist of actors DC Entertainment is considering pursuing for the role of Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern Corps," multiple people with knowledge... [Read More]
Ben Affleck may not like being peppered with questions about his role as Batman in the DCEU while on the press tour for his latest flick, 'Live by Night,' but that hasn't stopped... [Read More]
Ellen DeGeneres breaks record with 20th People's Choice Award ... [Read More]
Last year, footage of Ben Affleck's sad face during an interview for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice went viral. The film had been savaged by critics, and many wondered whether Affle... [Read More]
LIVE BY NIGHT (R16,  129 mins)   Directed by Ben Affleck ★★★  Reviewed by James Croot... [Read More]
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are reportedly back together. Although rumors have been swirling for the past several months in regard to the couple's alleged reunion, which have gone unconfirmed, the latest report... [Read More]
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner don't seem like they'll be finalizing their divorce any time soon! Click here to find out more. [Read More]
There are no guarantees in life, least of all in the movie business.Megastars Ben Affleck and Martin Scorsese have reliably provided hits before. But... [Read More]
The star, director and screenwriter of the new adaptation of 2012 Edgar Award-winning crime novel "Live by Night" by Dennis Lehane, Ben Affleck comes up a bit short in all three areas. [Read More]
Ben Affleck pulls quadruple duty in "Live By Night" by directing, producing, writing and starring in the film. He proved himself as a director and producer with "Argo," and he rose to fame... [Read More]
Back in March 2016, Ben Affleck and Batman v Superman co-star Henry Cavill sat down for an interview with Yahoo Movies, and the Cambridge native's... [Read More]
Live by Night; Too much story, too little cohesion Whether we'd like to admit it or not, crime is a part of our everyday lives. Crime and its often-devastating consequences drive many of... [Read More]
Times have been tough for Ben Affleck. [Read More]
Live by Night Directed by: Ben Affleck Starring: Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Chris Messina Rated: R for strong violence, language throughout and some sexuality/nudity 2 hrs. 8 mins. Who could imagine…... [Read More]
Photos of Hollywood besties Ben Affleck and Matt Damon over the years. [Read More]