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The Libyan National Army, the main military force in eastern Libya, on Thursday denied accusations that its troops were involved in torture and killing of... [Read More]
Five years after Benghazi... [Read More]
The head of Libya's National Oil Company announced on Wednesday that oil production is expected to reach 1.25 million barrels per day by the end... [Read More]
Buoyed by the end of a long military campaign in Benghazi and new signs of foreign support, Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar has been signaling his... [Read More]
'I've seen witch hunts, I saw the Benghazi witch hunt'... [Read More]
The United Nations human rights arm today voiced deep concern for the safety of individuals taken prisoner by members of the Libyan army after recent... [Read More]
"It's not so much they think it can't happen. They're overstretched in terms of what they can do in the course of the day." [Read More]
Libyan army said Monday 43 army engineers were killed and 27 others wounded in explosions of landmines , which were planted by terrorist groups in... [Read More]
Jennifer Rubin has emerged as one of the strongest voices against President* Trump, which is all the more striking since she's a long-time Conservative and... [Read More]
BENGHAZI, Libya, July 17- Libya's national oil production stands at 1.032 million barrels per day, little changed from its level since the end of. [Read More]
The first outward bound flights from Benina Airport on Saturday were to the capital, Tripoli, to Amman, and to the southeastern Libyan city of Kufra... [Read More]
LIBYA-SECURITY/BENGHAZI (PIX,TV):Benghazi airport reopens after three-year closure during war... [Read More]
Benghazi's international airport officially reopened for commercial flights amid a heavy security presence on Saturday (July 15) after a three-year closure due to fighting in... [Read More]
The first outward bound flights from Benina Airport were to the capital, Tripoli, to Amman, Jordan, and to the south-eastern Libyan city of Kufra. [Read More]
'There's a finite number of people in the Obama Administration who had the ability to unmask these names'... [Read More]
OK folks, quit trying the Fox News strategy of deflection. Hillary was investigated for several years over Benghazi, and the email scandal was a ruse.... [Read More]
'Remember, Russia started doing this digging before Trump was anywhere on the scene'... [Read More]
Boy, let me tell you what. Patton Oswalt, an actor who voiced the character of Remy the Rat in the cartoon movie... [Read More]
A series of military victories over extremist Islamic groups along Libya's Mediterranean coastline has forced hundreds of militants, including Islamic State fighters, to seek refuge... [Read More]
Col. Ahmed al-Mesmari attacks Hillary days after finally retaking Benghazi. [Read More]