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More than half of California voters say they've considered moving as a result of the state's housing affordability crisis, a UC Berkeley poll found. [Read More]
Berkeley police today issued a warning to families about a man who earlier this year allegedly tried to feed an unknown liquid to three young... [Read More]
Last week, conservative Ben Shapiro gave a speech at Berkeley. Across America, people watched their screens to see what sort of violence would erupt... [Read More]
Last week, conservative Ben Shapiro gave a speech at the University of California at Berkeley. And all across America, people watched their screens to see... [Read More]
It's easy to get lost on a campus as big as UC Berkeley, which is why programs like Berkeley Connect are so important.Read More…... [Read More]
Marc Crowley, author of Lead from the Heart, and U.C. Berkeley social scientist, Dacher Keltner, examine the new power model for motivating people. [Read More]
Butler Beach, in Berkeley's Glen Cove section, has a new 195-foot dock and bigger playground.        ... [Read More]
Coming off of a tough 27-16 road loss to Cal on Saturday, the bright spot for the Rebels was the defense, which struggled in weeks... [Read More]
Erwin Chemerinsky isn't interested in rehabilitating the UC Berkeley School of Law — because he believes it doesn't need rehabilitating. [Read More]
UC Berkeley has been under the spotlight for "Free Speech Week," but the student organization behind the event remains largely unknown. [Read More]
BERKELEY (BCN) Berkeley police today issued a warning to families about a man who earlier this year allegedly tried to feed an... [Read More]
Berkeley's Chamber of Commerce awarded the Berkeley Visionary of the Year Awards to three UC Berkeley faculty and staff members. [Read More]
Citing the threat to the student body's "physical and mental safety," 177 professors at the University of California, Berkeley, have signed an open letter calling... [Read More]
ASUC President Zaynab AbdulQadir-Morris received an email from the UC Berkeley financial aid office Sept. 13 suggesting that she apply for an emergency loan... [Read More]
UC Berkeley administration released Monday the finalized list of speakers scheduled for "Free Speech Week" given to them by The Berkeley Patriot. [Read More]
At the time of his appointment, Gil Dong was the first Asian American fire chief in the continental United States. [Read More]
Yiannopoulos said in an email Monday that Free Speech Week will cost approximately $250,000 for his company, MILO, Inc. [Read More]
Despite rumors that a stabbing occurred during the protests outside Ben Shapiro's speech, Berkeley police said that such "online accounts" are false. [Read More]
Tanner Molony did everything but play tuba.The Lakeland Christian senior wide receiver and defensive back scored four touchdowns and booted two field goals to lead... [Read More]
The Bay Area's brutal spikes in home prices have spurred more than half of its residents to dream of escaping from the expensive region, and... [Read More]