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Kermit the Frog. Miss Piggy. Beaker. Gonzo. Big Bird. Elmo. Cookie Monster. Count von Count. You will soon have a chance to see these and... [Read More]
Welcome to Sesame Street, Julia! In March, Sesame Street announced plans to bring Julia—a muppet character with autism who's appeared in books,... [Read More]
Sean Higgins Arts advocates are pushing back against President Trump's proposed federal budget, which reopened the perennial fight over federal funding for the arts by... [Read More]
Big Bird is confused by Julia, the new autistic character on Sesame Street in a new episode. [Read More]
Big Bird tries to interact with Julia in her TV debut. [Read More]
Welcome to 'Sesame Street', Julia! The adorable Muppet with autism has made her highly-anticipated first appearance on the children's show, and she became friends with... [Read More]
The proposed Trump budget has come under criticism from all sides for its desire to cut popular social welfare programs such as Meals on Wheels,... [Read More]
much to his disappointment. As Big Bird gets to know Julia the friends all adapt their game in a way Julia suggests. Later, when an... [Read More]
April marks Autism Awareness Month, and PBS Kids is doing its part to raise awareness by showing episodes featuring characters on the spectrum. Beginning... [Read More]
The military does help keep us safe from external threats. PBS also keeps us safe - internally. We don't have to choose between the two.... [Read More]
There's a new character on "Sesame Street." Her name is Julia. She's 4. She's a muppet. And she's on the autism spectrum. Julia... [Read More]
For nearly a half century, "Sesame Street" has been a beloved television show appealing to all age groups, with the first episode telecast on Nov. 10,... [Read More]
HBO's rolling out a new brand campaign centered around the idea that the channel is "what connects us." To help demonstrate this idea of connectivity,... [Read More]
Buy the original or reprint of this cartoon. [Read More]
In an op-ed for the New York Times, Gen. Stanley McChrystal urges the Trump administration to save PBS... [Read More]
Opening Day of turkey season was a successful one for Paul Person, who bagged a big bird that weighed in at more than 24 pounds. [Read More]
Is Denver ready for more ostrich? [Read More]
Mississippians fret about possible loss of beloved shows, education funding        ... [Read More]
Police are asking for the public's help in finding an emu last seen heading into the woods near Ashley Woods."It ran up into Gibsonville and... [Read More]
How a Muppet is helping us understand Autism ... [Read More]