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Joseph diGenova was talking about then-President Bill Clinton, but his views could put him at odds with other Trump lawyers. [Read More]
President Donald Trump plans to hire a new attorney, Joseph E. diGenova, for his outside legal team handling the Russia investigations, the New York Times reported... [Read More]
'Sound familiar?'... [Read More]
President Clinton probably wouldn't have used Twitter if it existed to defend himself during the Monica Lewinsky scandal the way Trump does against his accusers,... [Read More]
The Tuesday Forum column by Cal Thomas was dripping with hypocrisy. Now Mr. Thomas is giddy that liberals are stumbling over the (alleged) Trump bump... [Read More]
We in Northern Ireland owe a great debt of gratitude to Americans like former President Bill Clinton and special envoy George Mitchell, whose intervention and... [Read More]
This is regarding the March 11 Perspective section.Needless to say, the liberal U-B and its owners/editors never cease to amaze me on what topics they... [Read More]
It was a dark and Stormy Daniels night. . . All through the news room, editors are scurrying to update their style guides to find... [Read More]
Rick McKeeCopyright 2018 Cagle Cartoons... [Read More]
Daly's played golf with George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.        ... [Read More]
 Other commentators have noted how scandalous the Stormy Daniels hush-money affair would be if it weren't obscured by so many other Trump-era distractions. And, indeed,... [Read More]
On this date: The ides of March for Caesar, wedding bells (round 1) for Burton and Taylor, and another accusation against President Bill Clinton. [Read More]
Spoiler alert: He can, but it's complicated. Special counsel Robert Mueller wants to talk to President Donald Trump as part of his probe into... [Read More]
Best-selling author James Patterson explains how his book was turned into the new CBS show "Instinct." [Read More]
Best-selling author James Patterson explains how his book was turned into the new CBS show "Instinct." [Read More]
A student shared a picture of the question from her college midterm asking "why did Monica Lewinsky have an affair with President Bill Clinton?" [Read More]
Ginsburg was nominated by former President Bill Clinton in 1993 and was sworn in on Aug. 3, 1993. [Read More]
In 1996, President Bill Clinton enacted sweeping changes to the nation's welfare system. At the time, he said the reform would, "transform a broken system... [Read More]
Our President Donald Trump suggested in a tweet that there was no gun regulation when the Democrats were in power.Untrue.In 1994, Congress passed the extensive... [Read More]
Sheila Zilinsky's guests are as much crackpots as she is. The latest was Pastor Randy Richey of Christ Outreach Oklahoma, who regaled listeners with tales... [Read More]