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Bitcoin's price surged by about 10% in just 20 minutes on Tuesday, bringing Bitcoin's total gains to around 30% from the bottom achieved in late... [Read More]
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' price collapse in the earlier part of this year was partially fueled by a general dissipation of public interest which fuele... [Read More]
Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular. Is it the future of money or just a fad? Contact 6 answers the big questions about Bitcoin, Monday on... [Read More]
Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, speaks with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera at the "Delivering Alpha" conference about bitcoin, Russian election meddling, China trade talks,... [Read More]
Beyond its initial association with crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain has important applications for the emerging trust economy. Its... [Read More]
Bitcoin is rallying, but BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes says he doesn't think the coin has hit bottom yet. ... [Read More]
Prices are up as critics warn. But bulls say crypto doesn't need anyone's approval. It just need to work. [Read More]
Bitcoin back above $7,000 has crypto bulls believing in the rally again. To one crypto expert, the leading cryptocurrency's long-term move could be stratospheric. ... [Read More]
Milam County in Central Texas was economically hammered this year by the closure of its coal-fired power plant and adjacent mine. Now, a new,... [Read More]
Surrey Police becomes the first force to convert cryptocurrency into sterling for government coffers... [Read More]
Flower Turbines, With the Technology to Change the Small Wind Turbine Industry, Is Live on StartEngine... [Read More]
Bitcoin is showing further resilience Thursday after five winning days. [Read More]
Arthur Hayes, Bitmex founder and CEO, joins the 'Fast Money' traders to make his case that a bitcoin peak is to come. [Read More]
CNBC's Bob Pisani reports on the revival of the bitcoin buzz and what's changed in the cryptocurrency industry. [Read More]
The cryptocurrency market has been making headlines this week with two major investment firms showing heightened interest in exploring opportunities with cryptos Goldman Sachs incoming... [Read More]
Coinbase has a team of former Wall Street executives building out a business to lure big money into the crypto market. The prime broker... [Read More]
BTC/USD adjusting the speed of its movement to avoid past errors, targeting $8,344 ETH/USD validates moving averages, targets $617 XRP/USD needs more time ... [Read More]
Gabor Gurbacs of VanEck, CNBC's Eric Chemi and the "Futures Now" traders debate the trade in bitcoin. [Read More]
Discussing the state of safety trades, gold prices and bitcoin with Mayflower's Larry Glazer; VanEck's Gabor Gurbacs; CNBC's Eric Chemi and the "Futures Now" traders. [Read More]
Cryptocurrency evangelists have come out of the woodwork as bitcoin enjoys a sudden change in fortune. [Read More]