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I live in the thick of Appalachia. What's beneath this sun here? A local auto parts store, ferocious trees, nearby trails, plenty of lakes, and... [Read More]
The organization is demanding an investigation into this arrest. [Read More]
Nearly a dozen groups including Black Lives Matter Cincinnati are sponsoring a rally near the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music Wednesday. The 6... [Read More]
The clash came following the Pride board's decision to allow uniformed police officers to participate in the parade alongside others in the LGBT community. ... [Read More]
Watch a conversation between actress Halle Berry and Teen Vogue's Elaine Welteroth on breaking boundaries and Black Lives Matter. [Read More]
Black Lives Matter Cincinnati and several other groups plan to protest at the FC Cincinnati soccer game Wednesday at Nippert Stadium. [Read More]
I write about Yale a great deal, because the insanity of political correctness has seem to grip it harder than many universities. The school renames... [Read More]
Check and mate, Black Lives Matter. [Read More]
ACTIVISTS behind the Day of Rage march and from Black Lives Matter UK took part in protests that turned violent over the weekend injuring 14... [Read More]
Lisa Durden Sacked After Defending Black-Only Event on Fox ... [Read More]
'It is in your hands to stop all the killing and all the shooting wherever you might be'... [Read More]
Once again, a police officer has been acquitted after killing a black man -- but the officer's employer is shelling out millions of dollars to... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter demonstrators briefly halted the 2017 Twin Cities Pride Festival this past weekend in downtown Minneapolis, upset over the inclusion of police officers... [Read More]
Outrage over "Black Lives Matter" killings have led to notable changes -- including reforms in police policy. Here are the latest developments in some... [Read More]
An offshoot of the Black …... [Read More]
It's become pretty standard now for Black celebrities to get asked about the Black Lives Matter movement during an interview. Actress Halle Berry recently gave... [Read More]
The Black Lives Matter activists said they feared someone would get shot. [Read More]
A professor in New Jersey is repeating claims that she was "publicly lynched" by Essex County College after defending a Black Lives Matter... [Read More]
Campaigning groups including a UK version of Black Lives Matter and the organisation behind the Day of Rage march were part of the overnight protests... [Read More]
'Removal of uniformed police'... [Read More]