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White nationalist Richard Spencer faced rowdy opposition during his speech on the University of Florida campus on Thursday. Students in the audience shouted "black lives... [Read More]
  Tensions were high in Gainesville on Thursday as Richard Spencer, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, spoke at the University of Florida. Hundreds of people gathered... [Read More]
Toledo City Councilman Larry Sykes, who is seeking re-election, reportedly was involved in a confrontation with a Black Lives Matter activist. [Read More]
In October 18's episode of Star, Hollywood continues its audience-repelling strategy of using entertainment as a medium for heavy-handed, left-wing proselytizing. The Fox drama follows... [Read More]
Police and media helicopters circled over the area Thursday as hundreds of protesters marched in opposition to Spencer's appearance. The protesters were met by a... [Read More]
A public appearance by white nationalist Richard Spencer began tensely, but mostly peacefully, at the University of Florida on Thursday as police, protesters and white... [Read More]
A New York Black Lives Matter group has filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that Clarkstown, N.Y., police illegally spied on its members for at least... [Read More]
Police and protesters swarmed the University of Florida on Thursday as the campus braced for a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer, whose planned appearance... [Read More]
Mims Steps down as President Student Body President Samantha Mims resigned via email last week after being given an ultimatum by the Attorney General Jaclyn... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter Global Network claim Clarkstown police department conducted illegal surveillance on thei social media feeds of BLM activists. [Read More]
Lizzie No carved out her own space in the contemporary folk scene with the March release of her debut album, Hard Won, which blends sweeping... [Read More]
Officers allegedly tracked activists on social media to 'interrupt violence.'... [Read More]
Well known Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery spoke at Penn State Wednesday to discuss his journalism career. [Read More]
The government is labeling activists as "black identity extremists." [Read More]

In the October 18 episode of Fox's Star, titled "It Ain't Over," the paralyzed Black Lives Matter activist boyfriend of Alexandra (Ryan Destiny), Derek (Quincy... [Read More]

How Orwellian of them. [Read More]
Eric Garner, the man whose death helped give rise to Black Lives Matter, profiled in I Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street. [Read More]
Hundreds of students at Boston College have walked out of their classes to protest recent instances of racism on campus, including two posters that were... [Read More]
Note to Evergreen: your college has become a $24,000-per-year daycare center. [Read More]
A landmark investigation from Russian news outlet RBC uncovered a Kremlin-sponsored scheme that used Facebook to recruit black activists in the US as part of ... [Read More]