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Friday, January 12, 2018 at 09:30 AM
James Norton cuts a dash as the heir of a Russian crime baron, while Kay Mellor makes a glorious return on ITV... [Read More]
The Black Mirror creator admits before he met the former Blue Peter presenter he had no desire to start a family... [Read More]
Three bad stories equal one triple-terrible tale. [Read More]
I'm curious what other people thought of the season and how you'd rank the episodes. Spoilers below:Black MuseumHang the DJArkangelMetal HeadCrocodile... [Read More]
THE PERFORMER | Cristin Milioti THE SHOW | Black Mirror THE EPISODE | "USS Callister" (Dec. 29, 2017) THE PERFORMANCE | To be clear, the entire crew... [Read More]
Lena Waithe's new show, Black Mirror, and more TV to watch this weekend. [Read More]
With four seasons of the sci-fi anthology series now in the books, it's time to stack up the best an... [Read More]
Last month, the fourth season of the twisted anthology series Black Mirror debuted on Netflix and gave us more than enough to dwell on for the... [Read More]
"Black Museum" gives us a catharsis that's all too lacking for some. [Read More]
And it's made in the Boston area. [Read More]
Black pain as entertainment lies at the heart of "Black Museum," a truism underlying so much of our experience in this country. [Read More]
(Note: This post contains light spoilers for "Black Mirror" through Season 4.) "Black Mirror" continues to intrigue viewers with its often horrific and tragic... [Read More]
This is actually difficult. [Read More]
"Arkangel," an episode of the Netflix show "Black Mirror" directed by Jodie Foster, had me cheering -- which is a little odd, seeing as it... [Read More]
The best "Black Mirror" stories ground themselves in a concrete human question or struggle. [Read More]
In "Black Museum," the Black Lives Matter movement receives a win. [Read More]
Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, the showrunners for Netflix's dystopian sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, discuss a way in which the robot overlords in The... [Read More]
Just how much faith in humanity will you lose with each hour? [Read More]
The director finished his year like we all did: By bingeing every episode of the new season of "Black Mirror." [Read More]