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It seemed somehow emblematic that Mr Bob Hawke, among the very greatest of Australia's prime minsters, should have passed away just a few days before... [Read More]
OPINION: The former Australian PM had this country's interests at heart - except when it came to golf. [Read More]
Phil Sinclair, Paul Taylor, Joy Cooksey, Bob Hawke, Garth Clarke, Barbara Stevens, Brian Roach... [Read More]
Australians go the polls today in the unusual position of mourning their longest-serving Labor prime minister while far from convinced about the merits of his... [Read More]
Bill Shorten could not have responded as he did to The Daily Telegraph's attack on his mother were it not for the example of Hawke... [Read More]
The loss of such a titanic figure in Australian politics has thrown this country into deep reflection. [Read More]
AUSTRALIA's elections are underway as millions head to the polls in what is expected to see a surge in support for Bill Shorten's Labor Party... [Read More]
Week six: the death of Bob Hawke overshadowed the final day of campaigning with the contest too close to call... [Read More]
Bob Hawke was a maverick who led his centre-left Labor Party to four consecutive election victories in the 1980s and early '90s. [Read More]
Letter writers share viewpoints on social media, heritage buildings and religion. [Read More]
Bill Shorten goes into today's elections with the blessing of his political hero. [Read More]
Political leaders on all sides have praised Bob Hawke for his larrikin side, his common touch. That misses the main point. Hawke was the supreme... [Read More]
It is always a shock when titans fall, no matter how clearly we see the approaching inevitability of the event. [Read More]
Both major parties have campaigned long and hard in a race that had a very unexpected end - the death of Labor legend Bob Hawke. [Read More]
Bob Hawke had the human touch. An indefinable, near electric thing beyond mere connection. He regularly made those he met feel bigger, too. [Read More]
Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has died at the age of 89. He was the country's third longest serving prime minister -- and a... [Read More]
Former prime ministers have lined up to pay tribute to the Labor legend. [Read More]
The final full day of the campaign was inevitably overshadowed by the death of Labor's longest-serving prime minister. [Read More]
There was only one place for Labor's true believers to toast the life and legacy of Bob Hawke on Friday: the former prime minister's famous... [Read More]
A sign on the Turf Tavern's wall briefly name checks Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway, but makes a lot of room for the story of... [Read More]