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More Walter White? Here's What Bryan Cranston says. [Read More]
For those who think Walter White (Bryan Cranston) must have survived the "Breaking Bad" series finale in light of all this movie news, think again... [Read More]
Bryan Cranston sits down on TODAY to talk about returning to Broadway for "Network," a play based on the 1976 movie, as well as rumors... [Read More]
Bryan Cranston has said he is excited about the big-screen adaptation of "Breaking Bad" but is clueless about whether his character Walter White would appear... [Read More]
Crenshaw joked Davidson "looks like if the meth from 'Breaking Bad' was a person" before offering a serious message about Veterans Day. [Read More]
People who seem to have a lot of self discipline are really better at limiting the temptations in their environment. That's according to the book... [Read More]
"He looks like if the meth from Breaking Bad was a person." [Read More]
Pete Davidson made fun of newly elected congressman Dan Crenshaw's eye patch last week. Crenshaw stopped by this week to say Davidson "looks like if... [Read More]
"This is Pete Davidson. He looks like if the meth from 'Breaking Bad' was a person." [Read More]
If there is anything I have learned from watching AMC and Netflix over the years, it is that I never want to work for a... [Read More]
Paddington 3, Jonny Quest, and a Rock Hudson biopic are in the works, and Super Mario Bros., Shrek, and The Color Purple are getting remade. [Read More]
As of now, what little we know about Vince Gilligan's planned "Breaking Bad" movie suggests it will focus on Walter White's reluctant partner-in-crime, Jesse Pinkman.... [Read More]
This week on Between the Streams, we'll discuss the newly renamed Disney streaming service, Disney+, and it's new show focusing on Rogue One's Cassian Andor.... [Read More]
Aaron Paul gave an interview about "Breaking Bad" in the days before the "Breaking Bad" movie broke. [Read More]
This is happening. No one asked for our help. We're offering it anyway! [Read More]
"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan is working on a movie version of the series, according to reports. Actor Bryan Cranston confirmed the news but said... [Read More]
BREAKING BAD is getting its own movie spin-off. But which cast members will be returning for Vince Gilligan's Greenbrier film? [Read More]
Five years on from the original series' dramatic and bloody end, we're heading back into the dark and twisted world of Breaking Bad. News first... [Read More]
olivertapia... [Read More]
Reports of a new "Breaking Bad" spinoff movie set to start filming in Albuquerque have renewed interest in the series and kicked up speculation of... [Read More]