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Should the world be concerned about the radicalization of white men? "Yes," says Bjørn Ihler, "I almost got killed by one." Ihler, speaking to Quartz... [Read More]
An Army trainer has appeared in court charged with belonging to a banned new-Nazi organisation and possessing Anders Breivik's manifesto. [Read More]
Two soldiers and a third man were allegedly members of a chat group exchanging hate messages, including plans for a white-only Britain and a race... [Read More]
A BRITISH soldier accused of being a member of a banned neo-Nazi terror group downloaded the manifesto of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, a court... [Read More]
Young Norwegians, politicized by the massacre of 77 people by far-right militant Anders Behring Breivik, will play a key role in an election next week... [Read More]