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George Osborne has suggested that the UK will not leave the European Union on the 29 March amid efforts by MPs to seize control of... [Read More]
Britain won't have some free-trade deals with other countries in place by March if it leaves the European Union with no deal because current trade... [Read More]
The billionaire inventor James Dyson, an ardent backer of Brexit, has decided to relocate his company's head office to Singapore in a blow to the... [Read More]
The international trade secretary says it would be a "calamitous" breach of trust with voters. [Read More]
One issue in the Brexit withdrawal agreement has faced more opposition than any other: what to do with the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. [Read More]
EUROPE/VIEW:MORNING BID EUROPE-Brexit: some spy chance of delay... [Read More]
Neil Basu warned a spike in hate crime after the EU referendum "never really receded" - and there's "always a possibility people are being radicalised... [Read More]
Ex-Chancellor George Osborne says MPs are likely to delay to dodge the "bullet" of a no-deal Brexit. [Read More]
Supply of drugs will require the government to secure priority shipping routes, and to seek out alternative ports to Dover. [Read More]
Sky's Ed Conway looks at when our Brexit journey really began - and it may be further back than you think. [Read More]
The U.K. Parliament is moving closer to a plan to delay Brexit in order to stop the country dropping out of the European Union with... [Read More]
John McDonnell said his party is 'highly likely' to support an attempt by pro-EU MPs to seize control of Parliamentary business from the government, so... [Read More]
George Osborne's comments come a day after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave his backing to a possible second referendum... [Read More]
John Mills has been campaigning to get Britain out of the EU for 40 years. Mills wrote a series of Eurosceptic economic papers that... [Read More]
MONEY saving expert Martin Lewis was left throwing his papers in frustration on live TV after an MP swerved his questions during a Brexit debate.... [Read More]
BRITAIN-EU/BARNIER:Brexit: A time-limited backstop would be useless -EU's Barnier... [Read More]
"Were this to happen again, the Speaker would have to be complicit and the Queen would have to accept it. Neither is an insurmountable obstacle... [Read More]