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Britain has spent £78 million buying a missile defence shield used by Israel to protect the Falklands.The Sky Sabre system, which uses the technology behind Isr... [Read More]
Three weeks tomorrow Theresa May will fly to Brussels for a meeting that is likely define not just her future but Britain's as well.On Thursday... [Read More]
Britain's businesses have let their property, plant and machinery decay relative to their workforce since 2010 in a move that is damaging the nation's productiv... [Read More]
PM May... [Read More]
Britain's Treasury chief is between a rock and a hard place as he reveals his budget to the nation. [Read More]
HERE'S how to ensure your children are on their best behaviour during the winter break. The service will undoubtedly be a life-saver for parents across... [Read More]
GALES, snow and heavy rain will batter Britain tomorrow morning as severe warnings were issued by the Met Office. [Read More]
Smacking children is set to become illegal in Britain as planned law changes in Wales and Scotland come into force. [Read More]
EU unveils 'good news for Phil Hammond' minutes ahead of Budget speech... [Read More]
'Darkest Hour' centers on the most perilous period in Winston Churchill's lifetime of drama: when Great Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany. [Read More]
The EU said Wednesday it would end its special budget supervision for Britain after almost a decade, saying London had reduced its excessive deficit enough... [Read More]
Presenter hits out at dating guru after he says British women moan more and are less attractive and intelligent than in Eastern Europe... [Read More]
Rather than an out-of-touch chancellor who thinks there are "no unemployed" people in Britain, Labour's finance chief is very much in touch and on the... [Read More]
POLITICS professor Matthew Goodwin said Britain has no legal obligation to pay the Brexit divorce bill amid claims Britain could pay €40 billion to leave... [Read More]
On this date: the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, the end of Thatcher's reign in Britain, and the birth of the Humane Society. [Read More]
EMMANUEL Macron hailed the decision to relocate the European Banking Authority (EBA) from London to Paris following Britain's exit from the bloc, saying that it... [Read More]
BRUSSELS today ordered struggling Italy to "get in line" and slash its debt levels as it issued spending alerts about six eurozone countries - but... [Read More]
Theresa May is gearing up to offer the EU more money, so we can finally begin talking about a trade deal... [Read More]
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond wants Britain to embrace Brexit change and seize the many opportunities that leaving the EU will bring to the UK. [Read More]