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Poachers are selling elephant tusks and rhino horns to Brits over the dark web, we can reveal. [Read More]
BRITS in Magaluf are laughing in the face of a so-called "crackdown" on loutish behaviour – with drunken antics in the resort showing no sign... [Read More]
PAYPOINT has gone down and left up to 1.4million Brits without gas and electricity. [Read More]
BRITAIN is set to swelter in 35C next week as baking temperatures return and bookies slash odds on the UK's hottest day ever. [Read More]
REDDIT users were shocked by this 'mind-blowing' fact about Lyle's Golden Syrup. [Read More]
BRIT holidaymakers breathing a sigh of relief after avoiding the Frantic Friday travel hell are being warned – tomorrow could be even worse. [Read More]
Four youths have died in the last four months alone in Majorca as a result of falling from hotel balconies. As a result of these... [Read More]
A beach in Wales has experienced a surge in people visiting during the heatwave - but it's now unable to cope. The National Trust is... [Read More]
Crackdown shmackdown: CARNAGE continues in the holiday hotspot... [Read More]
Users will tell their Amazon Echo device what is wrong with them and get a potential diagnosis and health advice. Similar symptom checkers for other... [Read More]
After criticizing UK Prime Minister Theresa May in an interview with a British tabloid, President Trump seemed to take it back at their joint press... [Read More]
DAIRY products could become "luxury" items in the UK after Brexit, with tariffs, delays at the border and increased controls significantly raising prices for consumers,... [Read More]
THERE'S good news for Sky Mobile customers: your unused phone data needn't go to waste any more. The UK network is now the first to... [Read More]
LEADING Brexiteer Lord Digby Jones has claimed the establishment and the Remain camp have destroyed the will of the people by trying to keep the... [Read More]
Post offices around the country could be forced to produce millions of new driving permits by next March to allow Brits to drive in the... [Read More]
Happy now? For realsies? [Read More]
Moscow's agents used one-time pads, er, two times – ой! [Read More]
Giant Jeff Goldblum? The Brits got you. [Read More]