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Members of the Hillsboro School Board passed a fiscal year 2019 budget after a public hearing to begin their regular meeting at the unit office... [Read More]
Keanu Reeves, known for popular films such as "Point Break," "Speed," The Matrix," and "The Lake House," has most recently starred in lower budget films,... [Read More]
Automotive industry risks blowing its carbon budget within 10 years without drastic change, analysis shows... [Read More]
Papillion La Vista Community Schools' Board of Education approved the district's 2018-19 budget at its Sept. 10 meeting. [Read More]
Colbert County commissioners have approved the fiscal 2019 general fund budget that includes an employee pay raise. [Read More]
Councilman Gary Cummings said the city is blessed to have good employees. [Read More]
Budget-conscious business travellers will be able to bed down in a new pod hotel planned for Auckland's CBD. [Read More]
A budget recommendation could put millions of dollars toward two issues that have been plaguing some people in Greenville: affordable housing and public transportation. [Read More]
The House of Representatives budget committee on Wednesday approved oil and gas upstream revenue at US$15.2 billion in 2019, the figure proposed by the government,... [Read More]
Ferrari says it has made room in its $4.2 billion budget to develop the car, but we won't see it until after 2022. [Read More]
The City of Auburn's 2019 budget was passed on first reading by the Common Council at Tuesday night's meeting. [Read More]
The Hughes County Commission approved a budget this week for 2019 totalling $17.56 million, down only a smidgen of three-quarters of a percent from this... [Read More]
THERE was never any doubt that the PTI government would have to announce a new set of painful fiscal measures soon... [Read More]
Political parties say people to take to streets against price hike... [Read More]
Various tax increases also on table... [Read More]
Despite a few recent fiscal anomalies and other contentious county-related issues, the DeKalb County fiscal 2019 budget is looking like it will be a balanced... [Read More]
Under the guise of a tool meant to execute the state's budget, California is trying to shield labor unions from costly lawsuits filed in response... [Read More]
The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ have given their head office in central Auckland a long-awaited revamp — on almost no budget. ... [Read More]
It's a well known fact that indie studios and other small ones find it difficult to break into the same market as AAA studios. It's... [Read More]
The Athens County Commissioners met with county Dog Warden Mary Beth Brown on Tuesday to follow up previous discussions about an impending budget deficit for... [Read More]