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Toward the end of his 12-day trip to Asia, President Trump tweeted, "When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a... [Read More]
"That's quite an oath," my ol' buddy Lamar said. We were seated in the Mesa Arts Center. We were there to watch Juanita's niece Carla... [Read More]
If the announced attendance of 53,133 at West Virginia University's Saturday afternoon football game against Texas can be believed, then there were 53,134 head coaches... [Read More]
This state's story, which lately has been depressing, soon will acquire a riveting new chapter. In 2018 Illinois will have the nation's most important, expensive... [Read More]
Carly Thomas' favourite old T-shirt is the star of her latest occasional column. [Read More]
Within the next ten years, physical labor jobs will be all but obsolete as technology takes more and more American jobs, writes James Patten. [Read More]
When Scott McCaskill died Nov. 5, survived by a wife, two daughters, grandchildren, other relatives and a host of friends, the communities West of the... [Read More]
Dear Mr. Berko: I bought 75 shares of Lockheed Martin in late 2016 at $260 a share after reading your column praising the stock.... [Read More]
In their "Untold Story," the Arizona Game and Fish Department tells how the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, including in Arizona, has become, "the... [Read More]
Editor's note: This occasional column takes you behind the scenes with Hannah Strong, who has been reporting for a little more than a year. ... [Read More]
Belgrade) column last week calling for higher tuition at Montana State University. It was a coarse and misguided... [Read More]
Look at the maps and tell me you don't agree... [Read More]
The scarlet and gold promise of mid-harvest has slipped into the gray, damp reality of late fall as winter approaches. Last month, we smiled at... [Read More]
my 1,000th column. You might ask, what drove me to write a weekly column for the past 20 years while running a portfolio management practice... [Read More]
As Thanksgiving approaches, it is time for the annual "Thankful That We Garden in Western Washington" column. [Read More]
I am part of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work on initiatives related to childhood adversity and health outcomes. We were disappointed to read... [Read More]
My favorite column to write is the Thanksgiving Day column. We have so much to be thankful for. ... [Read More]
I was on the front porch when you drove by and I waved, just back from Sweet Thing Bakery in downtown Statesville. [Read More]