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A quarter-century ago this week, the Ducks were born as an NHL expansion team, joining the Kings and the Angels as true Southern California originals. [Read More]
Who else to help recreational marijuana businesses get on board than a former stoner like Cheech? [Read More]
A new law in California allows women to pick up birth control pills from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. But more than a year after... [Read More]
The election in Alabama has ribble effects across the nation -- including in Southern California. But which party it benefits is not a given. [Read More]
A former conductor of the University of California, Davis, Symphony Orchestra gave up his professor titles amid allegations he sexually assaulted a former student who... [Read More]
Biocom, the association representing the life science industry of California, submitted the following statement regarding H.R. 4617, legislation intro... [Read More]
UCSF has fired the head of its sexual harassment prevention office after determining that she ordered an employee to falsify dates on complaints to make... [Read More]
With California gearing up to permit the sale of recreational marijuana, San Diego County's top prosecutor has agreed to return $290,000 seized from a pot... [Read More]
California's already towering Sierra Nevada summits rose to new heights during the drought, albeit by just a hair. ... [Read More]
A jury has recommended death for a Southern California man convicted of torturing to death his girlfriend's 8-year-old son. Isauro Aguirre of Palmdale showed no... [Read More]
California Rep. Maxine Waters joins Bruce Johnson on 'Off Script' to give a message to Pres. Trump, talk about the future of the Democratic party... [Read More]
The California Bureau of Real Estate says they will investigate complaints against real estate licensees who gouge housing prices in wildfire effected areas.  California Real... [Read More]
Firefighters battling the fifth biggest blaze in Californian history have encountered a new and potentially deadly obstacle: rich people's gardens.In wealthy Mo... [Read More]
In his second year as head coach with the Auburn Gold Miners Youth Trapshooting Team, Rich Lopez is going to see the fruits of his... [Read More]
California Senate Republican leader Patricia Bates is wading into the sexual harassment debate that has swept up the Capitol and is cal... [Read More]
Have you wondered what it would be like to drive through those devastating California wildfires? [Read More]
California Rep. Maxine Waters joins Bruce Johnson on 'Off Script' and reacts to her viral "reclaiming my time" moment and how Millennials have embraced her. [Read More]
More than a week after a fatal car crash on the Bay Bridge earlier this month, Alameda County prosecutors charged the drunk driver with manslaughter.... [Read More]
California Rep. Maxine Waters joins Bruce Johnson on 'Off Script' to talk about the Alabama Senate election results and where the Democratic party goes from... [Read More]