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The news comes at a time when Facebook is reeling under a couple of massive data breaches including the Cambridge Analytica scandal that impacted 87... [Read More]
A group of small advertisers dubbed LLE One have filed a complaint against Facebook alleging that the company knew about a video measurement mistake a... [Read More]
Data leak was made possible due to a bug, pretty similar to Facebook's one which caused the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, Google preferred to keep... [Read More]
10-15-2018 - From Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to Russia and even Donald Trump's "Fake News Awards," fake news is now landing in one of Europe's... [Read More]
Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Chuck Grassley is demanding Google explain its own privacy glitch — a problem that appears to be very similar to... [Read More]
Around 30 million people had their information compromised. Earlier this year, Facebook came under fire for sharing heaps of data for over 87 million... [Read More]
"Investors are bailing" from Facebook, writes CNN Money. The share price for the disgraced social media firm has dropped 30% since July. Facebook has had... [Read More]
Social Data Hub called itself the Cambridge Analytica of Russia. [Read More]
Following multiple hearings related to Facebook's user data breach scandal involving the data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica,  E.U. MEPs have called for an audit of... [Read More]
Google is now shutting down Google+, but not because of the lack of users and activity. A data breach compromised the data of 500,000 users... [Read More]
After years of claiming they could self-regulate, the tech industry is suddenly receptive to the idea of federal privacy legislation. But don't let this post-Cambridge... [Read More]
Google exposed personal profile data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users and then decided to not let people know, according to The Wall Street... [Read More]
From Cambridge Analytica to the recent breach, Facebook's data privacy scandals have made us wary of its connected camera... [Read More]
Chris Hondros/Getty Images The Wall Street Journal's bombshell report that Google decided not to disclose a security lapse at Google+ dominated... [Read More]
Emails obtained by The Guardian show Alexander Nix referring to Barbados PM and information minister as 'n*****s'. [Read More]
Google announced Monday it's shutting down social networking site Google+, following a Wall Street Journal report the tech giant failed to notify hundreds of thousands... [Read More]
Facebook launched its video-chat and smart speaker device, Portal, on Monday and reactions have been largely skeptical.  Portal comes standard with a built-in microphone and camera, and... [Read More]
Rob Price/Business Insider Facebook launched its video-chat and smart speaker device, Portal, on Monday and reactions have been largely skeptical.  Portal comes standard... [Read More]
A leaked email obtained by The Guardian shows former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix used the n-word to refer to the Prime Minister of Barbados... [Read More]
If you're a company reeling from a data leak affecting 50 million users - not to mention the Cambridge Analytica scandal - what do you... [Read More]