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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took himself out of contention for White House chief of staff on Friday as President Donald Trump's chaotic search... [Read More]
José Canseco hace el primer lanzamiento previo a un partido de los Atléticos con los Medias Rojas en Oakland el 3 de septembre del 2016.... [Read More]
Karen Given and Charlie discuss 2018 Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray, Steph Curry's foray into weird science and Jose Canseco's White House ambitions. [Read More]
Serious contenders are hiding from view. Celebrity hangers-on are applying via Twitter. Fresh names circulate practically on the hour. And the man in charge is... [Read More]
Tyreek Hill had a 43-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes go through his hands and off his facemask in the fourth quarter of Thursday Night Football... [Read More]
Jose Canseco The former A's slugger is taking a big swing at politics, pitching President Trump to be his chief of staff. Trump's decision... [Read More]
Trump has said ten people were clamoring for the job of White House Chief-of-Staff,…, and then today he announced that he had narrowed it... [Read More]
Reaching out to his "little buddy" in the White House, former A's slugger eyes the top role in Donald Trump's administration. [Read More]
Reaching out to his "little buddy" in the White House, the former A's slugger eyes the top role in President Donald Trump's administration. [Read More]
JosÃ... [Read More]
Canseco previously tweeted at Trump to state interest in a United Nations ambassador role... [Read More]
Outspoken ex-baseball star Jose Canseco applied to be President Trump's new chief of staff with a typo-ridden tweet. [Read More]
A bold request... [Read More]
Jose Canseco is pitching for a job with President Trump — while taking a swing at the commander in chief. The former major-league slugger tweeted... [Read More]
"I will buff you up daily workouts." [Read More]
José Canseco está listo para lanzarse a la política. El ex toletero de las Grandes Ligas presentó su candidatura a un puesto importante en la... [Read More]
It doesn't look like he's going to be U.N. ambassador, so Jose Canseco says he'll settle for being President Trump's chief of staff, and personal... [Read More]
While offering up his services to "little buddy" Trump, Canseco promised the president a workout plan in addition to a White House plan. [Read More]
Jose Canseco is ready to take a swing at politics. [Read More]
Former MLB player Jose Canseco appears to have thrown his hat into the ring to be considered as President Donald Trump's next chief of staff. [Read More]