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So how do we navigate this brave new world? Especially when some women, like actress Catherine Deneuve, aren't happy with the changing rules. What does... [Read More]
Liam Neeson says the #MeToo movement has brought about a "witch hunt" ... [Read More]
Echoing sentiments shared by French actress Catherine Deneuve earlier this week, Liam Neeson on Friday called sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood "a bit... [Read More]
The publication on Jan. 9 of a letter signed by Catherine Deneuve and dozens of other French women, denouncing a feminism that conveys "hatred of... [Read More]
Women who denounce the 'puritanical witch-hunt' are out of touch, say younger critics... [Read More]
French #MeToo row shows how many feminists have forgotten the value of dialogue... [Read More]
It looks like we're right back to France's professed love of sex versus America's puritanism. That's what Catherine Deneuve pretty much said in a letter... [Read More]
A row over Frenchwomen who attacked the #MeToo movement descended into pathos yesterday when the signatories fell out over a claim that victims could enjoy... [Read More]
Two days ago, French film icon Catherine Deneuve blasted the #MeToo campaign against the sexual harassment of women equating it with "puritanism," fueled by a... [Read More]
One of the French writers behind the attack on the #MeToo movement launched a blistering new broadside Friday, claiming that some feminists will not be... [Read More]
Steven Spielberg has shared his thoughts on life in Hollywood in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal - as well as responding to Catherine... [Read More]
Berlusconi, who was tried for paying for sex with underage women at "bunga bunga" parties, said that French actress Deneuve "spoke blessed words." [Read More]
#THE 51% : In this edition, we explore the backlash after 100 prominent French women signed a letter saying men are being unfairly targeted by... [Read More]
Italian ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi, known for his 'bunga bunga' parties and fondness for younger women, is praising Catherine Deneuve for warning against a courtship backlash... [Read More]
Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has praised Catherine Deneuve for warning against a courtship backlash following the swell of sexual misconduct allegations against prominent me... [Read More]
Mr Berlusconi spoke in support of actress Catherine Deneuve who cautioned against a courtship backlash following the swell of worldwide sexual misconduct allegations . [Read More]