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Following the news Wednesday morning that Billy Graham was dead at age 99, the whole world seem to recall the career of the man who... [Read More]
For Christians, Lent is a time for quiet reflection. For austerity. For repentance. But mostly it's a time for fish. Catholics and members of some... [Read More]
Throughout any given week, the Franciscan Brothers of Peace hear the rhythmic plucking of the krar — a lyre-like instrument from east Africa — in... [Read More]
Billy Graham rejected the label of "fundamentalist," embraced a modern Bible translation and cooperated with other Protestants and even Catholics        ... [Read More]
Religion has been the electrified "third rail" of Mexican politics since anti-clerical laws in the 1920s sparked a bloody uprising by Catholics in which thousands... [Read More]
In China, Catholics can only legally attend state-sanctioned churches not overseen by the Vatican, with bishops appointed by Beijing rather than the pope. But that... [Read More]
Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna will also talk to a delegation of lay Catholics and priests from the Chilean diocese of Osorno during four days of... [Read More]
Would you be surprised to learn that for the first time in U.S. history, the vast majority of Americans don't make adequate plans for the... [Read More]
Both Hindus and Catholics appear to have chosen the prayer route for the well-being of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who since February 15 has been... [Read More]
More Catholics than Protestants tend to link "pro-life" with favoring gun control.        ... [Read More]
As Catholics we must now decide on what type of civic society we wish to create... [Read More]
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are urging Catholics to call Congress and demand they act on behalf of "Dreamers." [Read More]
Fr James Martin SJ is a very popular Catholic priest who is an activist for gay liberation. He has written a book called Building a... [Read More]
A group of approximately 260 men, women and children preparing to become full members of the Catholic Church signed the Book of the Elect belonging... [Read More]
This Lenten season comes at a critical time for Catholics, in which some are describing a schism occurring in the faith based on politics, dogma... [Read More]
Lent is a special time of prayer and fasting for Catholics as Easter approaches. [Read More]
Disqus... [Read More]
For Latin rite Catholics, Lent began last Wednesday; for eastern rite Catholics, Lent begins this Sunday. The secular world sometimes equates the Christian Lent, the... [Read More]
The... [Read More]