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It did not take long for East Texas to become a target for Arkansas Football under the new leadership of Edgewood's Chad Morris. [Read More]
Billy Ferrell has committed to the Hogs after an in-home visit with Chad Morris' Program and official visit this weekend... [Read More]
Tera Talmadge and Gene Dumont discuss their trip to Texas to cover Chad Morris in our "What Made Morris" series. [Read More]
Arkansas will sign it's first players under new coach Chad Morris on Wednesday during the firs... [Read More]
Saturday was the 10th day on the job for Chad Morris as head coach of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and he has been in... [Read More]
Arkansas hired Chad Morris Dec. 12 and the task at hand is to fill out his coaching staff. Morris has already brought in five assistants... [Read More]
Arkansas Razorbacks football Coach Chad Morris indicated Friday it might be awhile before he hires and officially announces his first coaching staff. [Read More]
There's one important role of being the new Arkansas coach that Chad Morris knew he couldn&rsq... [Read More]
Chad Morris has officially been the head coach at Arkansas for 10 days. [Read More]
Chad Morris has put his family on the map by accepting this job at Arkansas. But, as it turns out, he's not the only coach... [Read More]
Marshall, Texas athletic director and head coach Claude Mathis, who was on Coach Chad Morris' staff at SMU for two and half years, gave a... [Read More]
What Doug Jones win in Alabama means for Democrats in Arkansas, the hiring of Chad Morris at the University of Arkansas and the future of... [Read More]
Receiver Mike Woods will forever have the distinction of giving the first oral commitment for Chad Morris as the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. [Read More]
Only one player had made the transition from being coached by Bret Bielema to learning under Chad Morris. [Read More]
Offensive lineman Silas Robinson, who committed to Arkansas Coach Chad Morris on Sunday, said on Recruiting Thursday that Morris and Dustin Fry were the main... [Read More]
Arkansas receiver commitment Mike Woods said on Recruiting Thursday is was only natural for him to follow Coach Chad Morris and Justin Stepp to Fayetteville... [Read More]
The third stop on our road trip took us to Edgewood where we met Chad Morris' proud parents. [Read More]
Chad Morris moved to Edgewood, Texas in the 6th grade from Plano. The son of a firefighter and an educator, Morris would have never been... [Read More]
Chad Morris grew up in small town Texas. However, until the age of 11, he lived in a Dallas suburb. [Read More]
Welcome to SEC Country's ... [Read More]